Johnny Depp: "I gave cannabis to my daughter" claiming he is a responsible father

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Revelation: I gave Lily-Rose cannabis when she was only 13

Just like the British billionaire, Richard Branson who recommends to parents to " smoke a joint with your child"Johnny Depp allegedly admitted to giving his 13-year-old daughter some of his own drink because he knew it was" trustworthy and of good quality "when testifying in the UK High Court . 

Depp's drug use was discussed as part of his legal action against the newspaper, according to multiple media reports. The Sun , who accused him of beating his ex-wife Amber Heard. 

I gave my daughter Lily-Rose cannabis when she wanted to try it for the first time, because it was "trustworthy and of good quality".

He told the court that he believed he was a "responsible parent". The star said he didn't want his teenage daughter to smoke marijuana in an uncontrolled environment and "go into some kind of paranoid madness", and that he knew his own stash was "trustworthy" .

Asked about the incident during his libel lawsuit against The Sun this afternoon, Mr Depp denied that he "encouraged" his daughter's cannabis use and said he was "involved in" the decision.

“My daughter was 13 and as we all know at 11, 12 and 13 when you go to a high school party you are approached by people who will want to give you a drink because they drink at 12 and 13. 12, take cocaine at 13 and 12, smoke marijuana at 13 and XNUMX, take ecstasy and a lot of drugs, ”he said.

“My daughter was at a party and someone passed her the seal. She was only 12 years old and she said she didn't know what to do. I said, "Listen, honey, if you're at a party and someone hands you the joint, take the joint from the person and pass it to the next person." Please don't try to do drugs with people you don't know ”.

He was worried that the herb would be mixed with other substances

Depp said he pleaded with his child to trust him and come see him when she was ready to try weed. for the first time. The Hollywood actor would have insisted: "It is a question of safety, it is a worried father for his daughter in this kind of situation".

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“I want her to trust me. If my daughter said she was ready, she was ready. I wanted to make sure the settings were right, turn on the TV, fill the fridge with ice cream, make a situation where the experience is as pleasant as possible. " 

Depp said he discussed the decision with Lily Rose's mother, his ex Vanessa Paradis, before moving forward. He rejected the allegations that he had "encouraged" his daughter's drug use. 

Depp admitted he had taken "all known drugs" but continued to deny assaulting Heard, specifically referring to The Sun's claim in 2018 that he beat women.

Speaking directly to lawyer Sasha Wass QC, he added, “If you don't like it, I respect your thoughts, but I am raising my daughter and am a responsible parent, as far as I am concerned. I prefer that she is honest with me and does not hide anything from me.

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