John Legend invests in CBD products

Plus Products partners with John Legend & Casper to launch a national line of hemp and CBD-based edible products

John Legend enters the cannabis sector in partnership with the brand Plus Products Inc., company based in San Mateo. As an investor, the American star will defend the new products of the company, which will be launched Tuesday across the country. PLUS, the company behind the top-selling THC Foods No. 1 in California, announced today the national launch of its first product line 100% CBD hemp.

Partnership with John Legend

"I believe in the benefits of CBD for some time," Legend said in a statement. "The Plus team caught my eye because it's an innovative family business that uses science to deliver a consistent, high-quality product. I recognize that they are committed to setting high standards in a sector that has not been sufficiently regulated so far. "

The new CBD range of Enjoyeds will include edible gelatins called Uplift Grapefruit flavored with vitamin B. There are also edibles with flavors of blueberry, blackberry tea and melatonin.

More Balance, Sleep, Uplift

"Giving the world a simple way to reach balance has always been our mission and the line More CBD allows us to extend California overnight to almost every state. We are delighted that John Legend and Casper have joined our team in supporting this exciting new initiative, "said Jake Heimark, CEO and co-founder, in a statement.

Legend joins other cannabis representatives, including Jay Z, which became in July the chief strategist of Caliva brand based in San Jose. Whoopi Goldberg and Post Malone have gone a step further by launching their own cannabis products and companies. Chelsea Handler developed also a line with NorCal Cannabis.

PLUS also works in partnership with the global sleep society Casper Sleep Inc. ("Casper") to present his product SLEEP impregnated with melatonin and CBD. Casper is the award-winning sleep company whose mission is to provide better sleep to more people around the world.

We're always exploring new ways to improve sleep: from bedtime to sunrise, "said Neil Parikh, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at Casper. "Like PLUS, we believe that sleep is a key part of the wellbeing equation. The partnership with their team of experts to introduce CBD chewing gums brings a new way to relax and rest to those who need it.

Product offering and new national e-commerce platform

The new CBD line will consist of three distinct products, developed by the team of scientists, entrepreneurs and PLUS managers: The three products are available for purchase via the company's new e-commerce platform.

"We have earned our reputation in the edible sector by providing our customers with a consistent and precisely measured gum using high quality extracts," said Jake Heimark, CEO and co-founder of PLUS. "Our CBD line will build on this expertise and the confidence gained while providing a new consumer experience designed to help them find the perfect solution."

Giving the world a simple way to achieve balance has always been our mission, and the PLUS CBD line allows us overnight to extend from California to nearly every fifty states. We are delighted that John Legend and Casper have joined our team to support this exciting new initiative.

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