Jessica VerSteeg, from modeling to marijuana

From modeling to marijuana, the story of Jessica VerSteeg and her AuBox

“When we look back on the paths our lives have taken, rarely have we ended up exactly where we envisioned. For better or for worse, life is full of uncertainties that have a way of creating so many new chapters that they are different. So it is sometimes difficult to recognize the person we once were. That's what the story of Jessica VerSteeg, a newcomer to the cannabis industry, tells us.

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Jessica VerSteeg

Jessica grew up in a small town, and she eventually became Miss Iowa. Subsequently, she finally met the man of her life, Tyler Sash, the famous American football player of the Giants… Then everything changed…

“I ended up in the hospital. I asked myself "How did this happen? "" I was Miss Iowa, it was the Super Bowl. How did we end up in this situation and why am I here? »VerSteeg explains to us, with a moving voice, which reveals a still palpable sorrow.

In hospital, Tyler Sash as a result of his unconsciousness demonstrated an extraordinarily high level of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a form of brain disease that progresses to neurodegenerative diseases, usually diagnosed post mortem. In general, CTE is diagnosed after prolonged sports practice with numerous concussions, such as Boxing and American Football ...

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg
Tyler Sash was running on the field before the Giants' season opened in September 2011. Sash has played a total of 23 games, plus four postseason games, for the Giants.

During the hospital stay, J. VerSteeg explored ways to help Sash get off the pain relievers he was used to. Marijuana was a medical replacement option. But the question divided the couple until the breakup… And following Jessica's depression, she moved away from the situation, declaring: "I flew to San Francisco".

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg

And, it wasn't until after his time in San Francisco that things really started to materialize. Where conventional cannabis use is standardized and accepted.

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Renaissance in San Francisco

San Francisco is a crossroads for cannabis connoisseurs. This megalopolis concedes an atmosphere of acceptance, of global tolerance on many fronts. So it's no surprise that she was on display with many responsible, hardworking and healthy women. Women, who have also consumed cannabis as consumers and producers ...

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg

“I started thinking about producing edibles because I couldn't just build a steam pen. Gradually the friends came over and said, "OMG, I love this cupcake." I have always created on the theme of gold. People started to recognize this and this is how the brand At the Box was born, ”says VerSteeg.

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg
The typical “gold ingot” pack: AuBox

Once her income started to grow, from what started as a distraction following her break-up with Tyler. She began to work with a lawyer. Staying on the theme of gold, she created a simple (gold) box by adding targeted products. Its pack contains everything you need to go around what exists in edibles infused with marijuana (and others…).

His fight against painkillers

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg

During this time, VerSteeg was still not open about their cannabis use and advocacy:

“I was still afraid to go out because I didn't want to be judged. And that I didn't want my family to pay the price ”

Then she learned the amazing news of death by Sash. She had once discovered that her ex was the victim of an opioid overdose provided by the NFL, which is what caused their breakup. The pain relievers to which he became addicted changed his personality and, according to some, led to his death ...

“The NFL gives these boys pain medication all day. Some wake up in the morning with it, some will take it for training, and the strongest to pass the sporting events. These drugs are used primarily to fall asleep due to the daily pains of NFL players. "

modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg
Formerly a model, today still tinted with gold ...

“When I came back to SF, I had a new idea. I realized what everyone is thinking. I can't help him anymore… He's gone… But maybe I can help someone else. I was Miss Iowa. I was supposed to have a voice and now my voice is awareness, so I decided to move on. " 

When asked about the NFL and its archaic cannabis regulations, VerSteeg explains that she thinks the NFL can do something about it. And that players should to have the choice :

“The players should decide whether they want to meditate this way or not. And I don't think a player should be punished for deciding to take a medicine that is an herb. " 


modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg

Although devastated by grief, VerSteeg fled the modeling world to join the world of cannabis. This in the hope of normalizing a flower that she believes would have helped someone she loved in her day… The VerSteeg AuBox, is a chic product for cannabis connoisseurs. But the box is only available in San Francisco.

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modeling, NFL, AuBox, Jessica VerSteeg

VerSteeg has a vision for the beauty and tolerance of a growing industry. By explaining how she wanted people to feel when buying a AuBox, she says :

“I want people to get this box, find what they like in it. And that they feel confident in the dispensaries. You get your groceries right at your doorstep, why not get that? Clean, simple, beautiful. “Each of us may not end up where we envisioned. But at the end of the day, we're where we need it most. "

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