Jack Herer was right: the future of humanity could be hemp

Disappeared in 2010, Jack Herer, the pioneer of the defense of cannabis, sees his predictions done posthumously

On a Wednesday afternoon in Bel Air, California, a two-day conference and exhibition on cannabis was held in a mansion for WeedCon West. This is not atypical in Los Angeles, where the cannabis market has the fastest growth in the world.

Cannabis education, product sampling and multisensory experiences were all gathered here for a two-day celebration around the plant.

Previous predictions of the current situation of the cannabis industry in the United States, a book in which they were written and the man who wrote it VICTORIA POSH | @POSH_PICS
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Large cannabis companies like Sol Distro, Cresco Labs, Kushy Punch and Marley Natural were in the company of smaller and newer brands. The solar lotion maker and sun care experts, Divios Naturals, smaller companies like Greenshock Farm and Stone Road Farms, and industry packaging experts, The Packaging Company and about 50 other cannabis companies and sellers , were present, all specialists in cannabis and its derivatives.

Among them, one draws particular attention: the group Herer. Their booth had comfortable chairs. Members of the Herer Group representatives were the only ones wearing black suits. It was not a funeral. It was rather the celebration of an industry legend, Jack Herer and what he was trying to say about cannabis.

Nicknamed the Hemperor (contraction of "Hemp", hemp in English, and "Emperor"), activist Jack Herer (1939 - 2010) has left its mark on American culture by resurrecting secular strains, studies and claims that cannabis for food, fiber, fuel, medicine, hobbies etc. can solve most of the world's most important environmental, social and economic problems.

Jack Herer and the stem of a hemp plant.

But Jack has not always been a champion of cannabis. As a former Conservative, he only knew cannabis when he was in his thirties.

"When I left for the army at the age of 17, I believed in America and the rights of freedom," said Jack Herer. "But today, I believe my government is lying to the American people and that my president, George Bush, is a criminal."

A prison term in the name of advocacy gave Jack Herer time to write the first draft of a book revered in the cannabis world and respected around the world: "The Emperor does not wear clothes".

The book

In French his book is translated under the title of "The Emperor is Naked" in reference to the book by Hans Christian Andersen "The Emperor's New Clothes", a story where rogue weavers deceive the King by offering him an invisible garment , "Supernatural" that can not be seen or touched by any illegitimate birth person. In this story, it was necessary to effectively convince the king that he looked elegant when in fact he was naked.

In its version, Jack Herer reveals that the prohibition of cannabis is an injustice for the American people, caused by harmful policies. In the 1930 years, for weak political reasons, the plant was demonized in all its forms (marijuana and hemp) to preserve the interests of powerful politicians, oil magnates, publishers and supporters of the status quo.

Citing Henry Ford, and other precursors of organic engineering in the early 1900, the book shares the findings that biomass from stalks of corn, cannabis, scrap paper and others could replace 90% of all fossil fuels used in the world today (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.).

"The government and the oil and coal companies, etc. will insist that burning biomass is no better than using our fossil fuel reserves for pollution, but it's patently wrong, "writes Jack Herer. "Because, unlike fossil fuels, biomass comes from living (not dead) plants that continue to eliminate the pollution of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere as they grow through photosynthesis. In addition, biofuels do not contain sulfur. "

Decades later, the book seems to have been visionary.

The company and its staff

The Herer Group was built on the principles that J. Herer described in his book, and consists of multiple culture, manufacturing, and distribution companies licensed in the state of California. The group manages Herer Distribution, Herer Manufacturing et Herer Labs & Research.

The cannabis from family farms is tested by Herer Labs before being transformed into flowers, pre-rolled, sprays sold under the brands Dr. Delights, Infusio and The Original Jack Herer (first place for its cannabis concentrate) to the Emerald Cup 2018). These craft products are then distributed by Herer Distribution to licensed cannabis clinics throughout the state of California.

The group pays tribute to the pioneers of the cannabis industry by buying their crops and maintaining their cash flow. "If it was not for those who are the true legacy of what we build all our businesses on, if it was not for the small producers who put the love and intention to make a product that their would take care of their family at a time when it was not legal and paid the ultimate price, I would not be able to do what I am today, "says Dan Herer, son of Jack Herer, founder of Jack Herer Group and Foundation.

The company plans to further expand these industry partnerships next year. "I can not wait to be at the beginning of next year with our new partners," said Dan Herer.

For cannabis companies, the pursuit of the Hempereur's quest for legalization in all countries is the opportunity to enjoy, research, develop and treat with true cannabis. This means that there will be a long war against the prohibition to take and that we must take part in the fight.

"What we have here in California and throughout the United States is just another level of prohibition, it is not the end of prohibition because when they are still creating laws that are based about the fears and lies of prohibition, "explains Dan Herer. "When they use it to create the regulatory framework on which we build all our businesses, they break the foundations and they will be doomed if we do not correct them."


The cannabis strain Jack Herer is a multi-award winning sativa-dominated hybrid created by Sensi Seeds to honor Jack Herer's memory. Aromatic, the flower of the group takes the base of the Original Jack Herer with premium buds from Herer Farms and submitting to high quality standards.

"It's a brand that has more fans than customers now," says Latif Horst, partner of the Herer Group.

Some consumers use some Herer products to avoid being depressed, others to completely get rid of their bad habits. "I choose a strain like Jack Herer or Lemon Tree for rainy days where I need to be active because they allow me to overcome the cloud and rain-related depression," said @c0uchl0cked, on Twitter . "If I have nothing to do and I can afford to lose a day, edible indica helps me relax."

Jack's inspiration

So, what triggered all this? What made Jack Herer, this former Republican become a fervent advocate of cannabis?

According to Dan, it is a girlfriend who basically said that her father needed to smoke grass because he was too boring.

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