Italy: 100 M5S MEPs call for legalization

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One hundred Italian parliamentarians for the legalization of cannabis

After a period of repressive policies on the use of cannabis, including legal ones, wanted by the former Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, the debate on the legalization of cannabis is again in fashion in Italian politics. About a hundred parliamentarians have written to the Prime Minister to make him aware of the legalization of cannabis, a trade which represents an economic potential of 10 billion euros.

Une centaine de parlementaires ont décidé d’écrire directement à Giuseppe Conte, dans le but de sensibiliser le Président au débat sur la légalisation du cannabis lors des Etats généraux. La centaine de parlementaires, une grande partie du Mouvement des cinq étoiles mais aussi la majorité, soulignent comment, en fait, les politiques répressives ont été totalement infructueuses, favorisant le marché noir du crime.

It is estimated that the regulation of cannabis use will bring 10 billion euros in revenue to state coffers, of which at least 2 billion euros will come from the potential savings that would result from lack of enforcement and tax revenue. Also, another aspect that should absolutely be taken into consideration, as Professor Marco Rossi of the University of Wisdom expressed in one of his studies, is the huge amount of public money that could be saved thanks to the reduction of risks in this area, but not only: the work of the courts and the penitentiary system would be lightened. The criminological aspect must also be taken into account: many adolescents, in order to find cannabis, end up being caught in a criminal spiral that could potentially seriously damage their course. The regulation would therefore obviously have a significant impact on local organized crime businesses.

It is a blow to the policy implemented by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, who, during his mandate, tried by all means to close all stores authorized to sell "weed light», Which is however legal. But this is not just a matter of policy: it could benefit many patients, primarily those with ALS, as demonstrated by numerous studies of patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which have benefited from huge improvements and are helping to treat the terrible spastic symptoms that plague them.

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