Israel decriminalizes recreational cannabis

Good or bad ? 5 reasons to celebrate decriminalization.

 What are the lessons for European countries?

Decriminalization in Israel results in the annulment of retroactive criminal cases, fewer indictments against producers in a personal capacity, no more police raids without warrants, more police custody without grounds - Despite the wait for legalization, the decriminalization message has very compelling advantages. Here are five reasons why countries banning cannabis use should follow suit.

Following the announcement this morning by Israel's Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan, the country is adopting new recommendations to correct the policy of criminalizing cannabis users.

What penalty for possession of 15 grams of cannabis?

The first time will be punished with a fine of around 200 euros for the second, the fine will be doubled, for the third, a therapeutic procedure will be initiated by the social services for the fourth time and as a last resort the file will be transferred to criminal proceedings. In other words, you have to be gifted to get caught 4 times ...

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Many are delighted with the progress of the law, but there are those who believe the ruling is not going to change much except to encourage the police to seize more consumers and take more tickets. These same voices believe, and rightly so, that possession of cannabis shouldn't even be a crime.

So here are five reasons that clearly make decriminalization a great and important step forward:

  1. Application on the use of cannabis in public only

This is an important accent: the police should not concentrate in residential areas but only in public spaces - which means that the police will no longer come to your home as they see fit.

2. The police will no longer write reports in abundance

Contrary to what many think, the police don't like to prescribe penalties apart from the traffic officers of course. That said, this is not a reason to walk around with penalty books in hand and try to stick reports to all small smokers, these new decisions will allow their work to be done without the need to inflict heavy penalties on The smoker .

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3. No more warrants of arrest and unreasonable searches

With all that that implies. The power to search only concerns criminal offenses, today cannabis by definition is no longer criminal, so the police will no longer be able to impose “on power” without sufficiently relevant reasons.

4. Less criminal records

It also means that from now on it will be possible to retroactively cancel a criminal record. The law states that if the sentence for a particular offense has been reduced, then the maximum sentence that can be given will be reduced accordingly. In the event of cancellation of an offense (after x time), the criminal record will also be eliminated.

5. House culture

According to the new directive the cultivation of cannabis at home remains prohibited however in the case where a citizen cultivates at either a plant or two for his personal use and is caught: he will no longer be judged as a "criminal criminal" when it comes to the question. for personal use. Judges will have to be more lenient in "personal consumption" cases.

It is important to understand, although we all want legalization, the change is positive to compare the current situation to that desired, decriminalization would open the doors of new measures in this direction.



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