Israel continues its process of decriminalization

The Constitution Committee approved the decriminalization of cannabis users

Israel's Law and Justice Constitution Committee has approved rules that abolish the charging of cannabis users. Possession of more than 15 grams will only result in a fine of 140 euros.

Last Wednesday, the approval by the Knesset of the new law means that from April 1, the consumption of cannabis is no longer a criminal offense, but just an administrative offense. The new regulations stipulate that users checked with an amount of less than 15 grams, for personal consumption will no longer be charged, but will pay a fine of 140 euros. Public use will be subject to a fine of 280 euros.

“A public place is defined as such, it is a place where you can be seen from everywhere. A private place is a place where only one person can see you, except when it comes to your home,” explained the spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice.

The old regulations provided for fines of 280 to 560 euros and were only applicable to those who had a clean criminal record and only, for the first two times. this new law will not impose any of these conditions.

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Cannabis remains illegal in Israel and is still considered a dangerous drug. However, the new regulations reduce penalties for use by adults over 18.

This new system does not concern soldiers, police officers, detainees or minors. In addition, according to the press release from the Ministry of Justice Gideon Saar, an update is expected which should exclude minors from criminal prosecution or imprisonment. For young people, the police have pledged not to impose criminal sanctions, but to pursue a procedure called “conditional treatment”. For the military, since 2017, no significant change, they will continue to be prosecuted.

Until now, patients could not consume their medicine outside their homes and could only hold one-sixth of their prescribed amount. Under the new regulations, patients would no longer be subject to fines for violations.

It should be specified, that even the cultivation of one or two feet is subject to legal proceedings for “self-production”. But the new regulations give hope to those who grow their own products.

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It is obvious that under the new procedure, the sale or transfer for free remain criminal offenses for drug trafficking.

The change in law was on the election agenda and was to be implemented 3 months after the arrival of the new government. It should be kept in mind that this is not the " legalization promised for a year. Indeed, in November 2020, a ministerial team presented recommendations for the complete legalization of cannabis. But faced with the demands of the opposing party of Mansour Abbas and under the opposition of the Shura Council and Sharia laws, the current government could not promote this initiative.

According to the magazine Cannabis Israel, the decriminalization of cannabis led to a 90% drop in criminal records for use and a 33% drop in charges for the same reason. This resulted in a logical increase of 77% in the number of fines for consumption between 2019 and 2021.

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