US irony towards the Rastas

US Irony towards the Rastas - Double Play of the United States towards the ritual of the Marijuana

Double play of the United States towards the ritual of the Rastafarians

The US government has issued a condemnation against policies in other jurisdictions that criminalize the use of cannabis for religious purposes (religion Rastfari), while this same government is even more discriminating on its territory ...

The IRFR report

In recent weeks, the US government has made specific announcements that it will not change the definition of marijuana, and that it will remain a dangerous and prohibited drug with penalties against the consumer. But “ironically” the ministry says it is opposed to this “decision” and actively protects any criminalization promulgated in other territories ...


The annual report, World Religious Freedoms (IRFR) calls on the government of the United States and other countries to stop the persecution of cannabis users who do so for religious purposes and therefore, indirectly, to decriminalize the plant regarding the sacred use of it. The report examines the religious and legal parameters in 200 countries and in particular the attitude considered criminal adopted against the practitioners of the Rastafari movement. For the Rastas the consumption of cannabis is a religious ritual, In modern culture the spiritual use of cannabis has been propagated by the followers of the Rastafari movement who use it for its natural properties of uplifting the conscience in their sacred rites; according to what they know as genuinely belonging to the prophecy of the life "livity" of the ancient mystics, whose history is described in the sacred texts.


According to the report, the attitude of many countries such as the Bahamas, the Dominican Islands, or the Chaplet of Islands in Saint Vincent, the Grenadines and even the capital of the Rastafari movement in Jamaica, is considered extremely excessive and undermines freedom of worship of Rastafari believers. The report says police sanction consumers for their religious beliefs, suspecting them of large-scale drug trafficking. Testimonies from former detainees claim prison officials cut off detainees' dreadlocks, and do not receive vegetarian food from authorities to suit their lifestyle


The report concludes that the repressive policy adopted is against consumers, violates their religious freedom and demands a serious solution. In view of the findings, representatives of the United States Embassy also met with local officials to criticize their “persecution” against cannabis users and to demand from those same officials an adequate and religious solution… But none of the above. results from these meetings have not yet been published ...

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Incrimination of Widmann

The review proposed in the report, as noted, is an official document signed by senior officials of the US administration; it indirectly indicates that the desired solution is to stop all incriminations against these residents or simple term, to decriminalize the religious use of cannabis.

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Widmann during his trial in April 2016

But parallel to the criticism emitted by the Government, in the background of the report is woven a hypocritical policy which can be summed up in one name: Ed Forsn (“Widmann”). The American citizen Ed Forsn nicknamed “NJ Weedman” was arrested for planting marijuana in his own restaurant, the “Temple of Cannabis”; these plants were intended for the worship of his religion. As an activist for legalization Widmann was arrested several times and served a few months in prison, although he always proclaimed loud and clear that cannabis was part of his religious life ...

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