Interaction between CBD oil and coconut oil

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How coconut oil or MCT oils (medium chain triglyceride) act as carriers for cannabinoids

A common question that people ask is the most effective way to take CBD oil. This is so that the cannabinoids in the oil have time to interact quickly and more effectively with the body. This is where coconut oil and the relationship of CBD oil come in.

Bioavailability of cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are fat soluble. Which means they break down and are stored in fat rather than water. Because of this trait, cannabinoids are most effective when consumed with fat, which increases their bioavailability.

Saturated fats are important carriers for cannabinoids to be absorbed into the body. Coconut oil contains saturated fats levels close to 80%. Which gives the cannabinoids the fat cells they need to move around the body. And this promotes faster treatment and use by the endocannabinoid system.

Coconut oil & CBD oil

Specifically, coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides or fatty acids. The use of coconut oil or other products containing medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils) triggers a relatively rapid release of cannabinoids. This in relation to other oils because MCT oils are directly metabolized into energy by the liver. This means that your body can burn those fats and boost the cannabinoids.

It is for this reason that HempMeds® chooses to formulate several of its CBD oil products with MCT oil. These come sustainably from coconut and palm oils.

The RSHO Liquid

Created by mixing a cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD) with medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT), the RSHO liquid ™ includes all the benefits of hemp oils. Including high concentrations of CBD and vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

MCT oil in this formula comes from a healthy coconut oil and a sustainable source palm oil. In addition to being a wonderful source for MCTs or saturated fats, these oils create a stronger binding agent for cannabinoids than unsaturated fats. This makes it an effective support for CBD supplements. Mixing CBD oil with MCT oils, such as coconut oil, also broadens the versatility of CBD oil. This increases the way it can be added to your system.

A reinforced CBD oil

So it fits well in a healthy diet. And although it was designed as a supplement. The RSHO Liquid can be added to almost any prepared food. However, it is not advisable to cook with this oil. This could decrease the power.


Instead, the RSHO ™ Liquid can be mixed with other ingredients such as frozen berries, fresh vegetables, almond milk to create a sweet and nutritious bowl. Alternatively, mix in the oatmeal, or on the sliced ​​fruit top for a balanced start to your day.

It can also be added to a variety of salads instead, or in addition, in sauces and for a heart-healthy lunch.

To make a custom CBD coffee made from hydrocarbons and hemp oil, include a serving or two of RSHO ™ liquid in your coffee cup. Or end your days with your daily portion in warm milk and honey. So your night will be soothing ... In the same way, the RSHO ™ dye combines MCT oil with pure CBD oil. These dyes can be placed under the tongue. All held for 90 seconds or mixed with your favorite foods or drinks.

An effective topic

You can also use coconut oil with your pure hemp oil RSHO ™ as a topical effective that can be applied directly to the skin. In order to make the best use of this formula, it is best to mix CBD hemp oil with a carrier oil. Customers will often use coconut oil as their supplier of choice.

For individual applications, you can add coconut oil to the desired area. This by using enough to wet the skin but without it becoming too oily. Then, immediately scrub the RSHO ™ into the affected area. While mixing the coconut oils, massaging deeply in the skin. After application, we suggest covering the area with a pocket or film to prevent the RSHO ™ from coloring clothes or furniture ...

A quarter gram of RSHO ™ is sufficient for a small area, such as a foot, knee, elbow or hand. For large areas, such as the shoulder or back, half a gram of RSHO ™ offers greater coverage. This method provides between 42 and 190 mg of CBD per application.

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