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colgate Hemp Toothpaste

New at Colgate ® toothpaste with hemp protection

The manufacturer of cosmetics and detergents Colgate-Palmolive, which produces one of the world's most popular toothpastes, has started marketing a new toothpaste containing cannabis seed oil.

The toothpaste does not contain cannabinoids, but the oil is considered to have healthy properties. The product can be purchased on Amazon. Colgate Hemp Seed Oil offers peace and relaxation combined with a feeling of freshness, product description states on the company website . “This peppermint toothpaste is perfect for strengthening teeth and provides protection against cavities. "

This anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste, infused with a fresh herbal mint flavor, is perfect for strengthening enamel and providing clinically proven cavity protection.


The packaging is marked with the famous cannabis leaf but does not contain cannabinoids such as THC or CBD but only oil extracted from cannabis seeds, devoid of active substances and without psychotropic effect.

  • The formula offers soothing comfort with a refreshing feeling
  • Clinically proven cavity protection
  • With natural hemp seed oil
  • With natural peppermint oil
  • This vegan toothpaste is also gluten and sugar free
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Furthermore cannabis seeds are known for their health benefits and are considered to have an optimal dose of omega 3 and omega 6 as well as rich in various proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The ingredient list for the new toothpaste states that it contains “cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil,” but the company is careful not to refer to it as a health benefit and only states that oil "helps to maintain moisture in products ...

In some marketing channels where the new product can be found, the packaging has been changed to include the mint leaf instead of the cannabis leaf, possibly due to federal procedures for posting substances on the prohibited drug list.

Little advice: Do not eat or smoke toothpaste

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