CBD oil heals a rare skin condition in infants

cannabis oil treats a rare infant skin condition

CBD oil treats baby with rare skin condition, lamellar ichoysis

An infant born with a rare skin condition that causes dark, painful scales to develop on his skin has been healed, since his parents started treating him with cannabis oil.

CBD oil effective against ichthyse lamellar disease

Ladbible informs us that the parents are delighted with the result. Carter Padelford of Las Vegas, two, was born with a rare genetic condition called "lamellar ichthyosis". So to speak, it is a disease that exists in one in 100 people in the United States. Its peculiarity prevents the outer layer of the skin from developing properly. But also, dead cells are unable to regenerate. Which causes dark and painful scales ...

skin condition, cannabis oil, Amalactin, infant
In addition, people with the disease do not have the ability to sweat. Which means their infant body cannot control its temperature ...

Babies are usually born coated in a collodion membrane that disappears after a few weeks. The scales take on the appearance of greyish-brown quadrilaterals, adherent in the center and loose at the edges. Lamellar ichthyosis (IL) is a disease of keratinization characterized by the presence of large dander on all the body without true erythroderma. In short, painful scales that prevent the child from sweating.

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In the case of little Carter

Babies with this genetic disorder are at increased risk for sudden death from a high fever. Carter's parents had to bathe her in porridge and baking soda twice a day. And, apply coconut oil to try and soothe the skin. Once in 3 days, they had to remove the dandruff that had accumulated on the skin. This process is particularly painful and traumatic… Under the advice of the doctors, the parents even tried to treat Carter with Amalactin, but to no avail…

When he was born, his skin was red like a tomato and every touch hurt him, his mother, Xi'an, recalls. He couldn't even close his eyes in pain.

skin condition, cannabis oil, Amalactin, infant
Every day, Carter's skin has become covered with scales that limit his ability to move. Which raises his body temperature dangerously.

Doctors didn't offer us much help or solutions. I feel like they neglected us because they didn't know how to do it. She says. They told me to cover it up and not shower it… And to come back in two years to have it checked.

After the CBD oil treatment

After reading an article on the benefits ofcannabis oil for chronic skin conditions, Xi'an, who uses medical cannabis herself, decided to try the oil on Carter in August 2017.

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skin condition, cannabis oil, Amalactin, infant
Carter's skin no longer grows into scales. And, for the first time, he can sweat like a normal child.

The Carters are now saying that their child turned out to be a completely different baby after starting the cannabis oil treatment. So its scales are almost gone.

7 months after starting treatment, he doesn't look like the same child, Xi'an said. He used to have no hair because the scales on his head prevented him from growing it - and now they are growing. Besides, he had open wounds that were bleeding all the time and now his skin is almost completely healed. It's incredible. He has never been able to close his eyes, but since he is treated with oil, he can close them almost until the end.

The conventional treatment for the disease is Amalactin, which is actually an acid that eats up the top layers of the skin. Indeed, doctors do not offer other solutions… According to her, without cannabis oil, this child would not have had a life.

skin condition, cannabis oil, Amalactin, infant
Preparation of the miracle remedy in family ...

An overview of the benefits of topical cannabis oil

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