The cosmetics industry is frantically adopting CBD

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How cannabis has entered the cosmetics industry, especially thanks to the CBD

Hemp for health is not new, but the extent to which the cosmetics industry has adopted cannabis, including CBD, represents a dramatic shift in consumer and industry attitudes. Anti-aging cream with mascara; CBD-based cosmetics enter frenzy into everyday life. Is it a good or bad thing?

Hemp in fashion

CBD is literally everywhere right now, in coffee shops and pharmacies, and in food. The speed at which the industries of the alcohol et tobacco go to cannabis can amaze and disconcert. But the truth is that the CBD-infused frenzy was well underway long before it was accepted by the Farm Bill 2018 (Hemp Farming Authorization in the United States).

And one of the first industries to adopt the CBD as a palliative aid or as a very effective marketing tool - or, perhaps, both - has been the cosmetic industry.

Anti-aging cream

Premier is an Israeli company that makes cosmetics. At the center of the brand's activity, the Dead Sea. The idea that cosmetics based on "minerals" of the old salt lake are somehow anti-aging or skin-preserving.

But in case the attractiveness of the Dead Sea is not enough for consumers, the company recently announced an addition to this product line: cannabis. This year, the company plans to add CBD to its product line Prime Dead Sea.

Premier will market and sell CBD infused cream, ointment and oil in Canada and also in Europe, where CBD derived from hemp is legal. In other words, the CBD has nothing to do with the Dead Sea, but everything to do with the current cultural moment.

The mascara infused with CBD

The company Milk Makeup produces a mascara infused with CBD oil, Milk Makeup's Kush mascara ...

Because of the moisturizing properties of CBD oil, Milk Makeup decided to add it to its new mascara formula.

The company decided to use CBD instead of beeswax, a common makeup ingredient. Many traditional mascara formulas contain beeswax as a binder component.

However, Milk Makeup wanted their mascara to be vegan. According to the company, the use of CBD oil in the Milk Makeup Mascara formula gives a creamy texture; results in a smooth application on the eyelashes of the user ...

CBD in the cosmetics industry

Beauty products announcing their content of hemp oil or hemp seeds are on sale at Sephora et Walmart. In Kiehl's, a subsidiary of L'Oréalyou can find "sativa cannabis seed oil concentrate" for your skin.

MGC Derma CBD products at Harvey Nichols in the UK

Certainly, CBD reduces redness skin and relieves the skin. But, hemp was a health product well before being a commodity ready for Wall Street traders ...

The frenzy of the CBD

Is the CBD frenzy in the cosmetics industry a good or bad thing? A journalist from Glamour claims that it does not perceive any significant differences between cosmetics infused with CBD and "traditional" cosmetics ...

The truth is that at this stage, the CBD is also a victim of its own success - this cannabinoid is on mortgaged. We do not yet fully understand its market value of the CBD; as an aid for health in cosmetics ...

Beauty Products Claiming to Contain Cannabis in Prague, Czech Republic

What is the CBD content of hemp oil? Not a lot, probably. How much CBD do you need to see a difference in your hair, skin, nails? And for the cannabis industry in general? ... What will be the consequences of focusing on CBD derived from hemp; rather than CBD derived from cannabis?

The CBD is a seller, including cosmetics ... But it is mostly on the shelves to attract the attention of consumers ...

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