More and more women are using cannabis

New data shows more women smoke cannabis

Cannabis delivery medical service Eaze Insights and industry analysts have revealed some interesting data. According to their results, the number of women who smoke weed has seen a noticeable increase from 2015. Eaze predicted that rates of cannabis smoking would indeed increase among women, but the 2016 results exceeded all of their findings. expectations ...

alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women

Craze in women

alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women
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Le rapport indicated,

In 2016, 25% of people using Eaze were women, or one in four people. But at the end of 4, women made up 2016% of users, increasing the total to 33 in 1. This is an annual increase of 3%.

Statistically, men have always smoked more cannabis than women. A study published by Columbia University concluded that men are more likely to consume weed than women. Especially in times of stress.

Our results are consistent with other studies documenting increases in substance use during times of economic insecurity, particularly among men.

The study also found that,

Due to the Great Recession and the lower employment rate since 2007, low-income men have shown the largest increases in marijuana use… This leading to a widening of the gender gap in prevalence of the use of marijuana ...

alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women
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Reduction of alcohol consumption

Given the increased accessibility of medical and recreational cannabis, both sexes are likely to increase their consumption. But Eaze points out another piece of data that could influence the increase in consumption among women.

Over 82% of those surveyed said that using marijuana helped them reduce their alcohol consumption. A whopping 11% of respondents said they quit drinking entirely because of marijuana.

This is significant given that many studies show that women can now drink like men. In terms of numbers, this is the first time in history ...

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alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women

The frequent use of alcohol by women, especially mothers, has become more culturally and socially accepted. The data has been recorded over the past decade. In fact, wine retailers market direct to moms with brand names such as "MommyJuice" and "Storm Mommy Wine" etc.

alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women

But the ill effects of the alcohol addiction are not a joke. According to the CDC, women who drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day are more prone to chronic medical conditions, inflammation, high blood pressure, and weight-related illnesses.

alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women

Cannabis helps people eliminate alcohol from their lives. It is also effective against antidepressants, anxiety medications, sleeping pills and more. This fact could make moderate cannabis and / or CBD more attractive to women in the years to come.

The times are changing

The use of cannabis is also becoming much less taboo for women. And, especially from a cultural point of view. More and more celebrities are creating cannabis-based products specially designed for female concerns.

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alcohol, consumption, cannabis, women
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The growing movement towards natural medicines offers women of all ages the opportunity to use cannabis more than ever before.

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