An AI to diagnose plant health

Chronic Sickness, an AI that diagnoses the health of cannabis plants

The human eye and its machine learning could be the key to a new, very specific artificial intelligence. This AI presented at the underground hacking festival (DEFCON), would be able to diagnose the health of cannabis plants. Chronic Sickness, can determine if your plants are more or less sick. And, even before the problem arises to the human eye ...

plant health, DEFCON, Chronic Sickness, IA

Hacking for the health of your plants

DEFCON is the world conference for hackers and hacking. This year, an entrepreneur reveals a technology that could revolutionize the cannabis landscape. At the "DIY cannabis tech" seminar at the Cannabis Village of DEFCON, Mashable reports that a machine would use learning to identify diseased cannabis plants.

plant health, DEFCON, Chronic Sickness, IA
Created in 1992 by the Dark Tangent, DEF CON is the oldest and largest conference on underground computer hacking in the world.

The project, called Chronic Sickness, was inspired by Stanford computer scientists who created an artificially intelligent diagnostic algorithm for skin cancer. The technological feat is the performance of certified dermatologists.

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plant health, DEFCON, Chronic Sickness, IA
A dermatologist uses a dermatoscope, a type of handheld microscope, to examine the skin. (Image credit: Matt Young)

The Moreno site, Chronic Sickness is similar in that sense. Like a application, the site allows visitors to upload a photo of a cannabis plant and receive a health score.

"Chronic Sickness is a project to create a human scale diagnostic tool for cannabis plants," the website tells us.

Chronic Sickness

The tool works by introducing images correctly identified by the AI. He is told which ones are healthy and which ones are not. And by repetition, the program is then able to make its own distinctions.

plant health, DEFCON, Chronic Sickness, IA
Currently, it only works with 80% accuracy. But Moreno expects that number to grow as the image database grows.

AI started with 3 reference images. The current model does not say exactly whether the plant is sick or not. By bringing to the project more images with more specific labels, the AI ​​will be able to identify precisely what is affecting the plant. And, long before it's too late to save her ...

“Let's do a predictive and free model on cannabis disease,” he told the crowd at DEFCON.

With a sufficiently solid data set of information, Moreno believes Chronic Sickness will be the necessary tool to identify diseased cannabis plants.

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