Legendary California region Humboldt bans hemp cultivation


Humboldt County Supervisors Ban Industrial Hemp

The legendary California marijuana-producing region Humboldt permanently bans the cultivation of hemp. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a permanent ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp on Tuesday, replacing the temporary deadline that was set to expire on May 10, 2021. Although the ban is "permanent," the ordinance adopted by supervisors will likely be amended at a later date.

Allow a non-commercial cultivation of hemp dedicated to research

Humboldt County has permanently banned the outdoor cultivation of low-THC varieties of hemp. The College of the Redwoods, which incorporates cannabis into its educational curriculum, expressed interest in limited cultivation of industrial hemp for teaching and research purposes at its Tompkins Hill Road campus in October 2020. Planning Commission staff Humboldt County then drafted industrial hemp regulations in land and on the coast to maintain the existing temporary agreement in unincorporated areas of the county, through a special permit process.

The county's unanimous board of supervisors vote last week came after marijuana interests in the area argued that hemp could send male pollen to higher THC strains and lower levels of cannabis. cannabinoids, reported on Times-Standard (Eureka).

Humboldt County grants temporary delay on outdoor hemp cultivation since 2018

Ross Gordon, political director of the Humboldt County Grower's Alliance, told the county supervisory board that the county's temporary hemp decree should be made permanent because of "the many risks industrial hemp poses to the cannabis industry. here ". California defines cannabis as only lCannabis sativa plants above 0,3% THC, excluding all varieties of the low THC plant.

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Many California counties prohibit or restrict the cultivation of hemp in an attempt to reduce cross-pollination conflicts between marijuana and hemp growers. Humboldt is the first to make his ban permanent.

The vote immediately sparked dismay among the state's hemp farmers.

“California is an agricultural state, and it's ridiculous not to allow the cultivation of hemp,” said Sandro Piancone, CEO of Hempacco Co. Inc. in San Diego County, which makes 30 million smokable hemp cigarettes. per month from flowers grown in California.

The Humboldt County ban could be changed to allow non-commercial hemp research by colleges and universities, the county planner told the supervisory board.

Outdoor marijuana and hemp growers are increasingly faced with unintentional pollinations, as the production of these two products is constantly increasing. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, also impose restrictions on marijuana and hemp farms.

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In California, counties determine how and where crops can be grown, resulting in a patchwork of rules. Jeff Dolf, agriculture commissioner for Humboldt County, told the council that the planning commission received very little interest in hemp production.

Humboldt's ban comes as hemp operators in California are also alarmed about a bill under consideration by state legislators that would ban smokable hemp altogether and require that hemp products undergo the same quality and purity tests that the state's marijuana growers undergo.

Humboldt County is roughly the size of Connecticut and has thousands of residents employed in outdoor marijuana production. Additionally, the ban only applies to unincorporated areas of the county and would not apply to towns, such as Arcata and Rio Dell, which are empowered to set their own rules regarding industrial hemp. Planning Commission staff continued to ban the cultivation of industrial hemp in 2019 to address concerns from the cannabis industry over cross-pollination and the introduction of new parasites and pathogens.

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