What to do with cannabis leaves and how to use them

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Leaves are not considered waste, so how do you get the benefits of cannabis leaves?

Leaves are not considered waste. They have their advantages, and there are many uses for these cannabis leaves. They simply have the same medicinal power as the rest of the plant. At least, if we know what to do with them… What to do with the resinous leaves, and those that are not?

Is everything good in cannabis leaves?

In growing cannabis, we prune, or dry, and often we only take care of the buds. But most of them make the mistake of throwing away the stems and leaves, to treat them like vulgar residue. The truth is, cannabis leaves are used in different ways. In fact, the various parts of the cannabis plant have been used for a wide variety of reasons and are still used today. Not all cannabis leaves are useless and you should take advantage of them, despite their differences ...

Smoking your leaves

The leaves of a cannabis plant are not all created equal. During the pruning phase, you will usually notice larger leaves. When the buds are larger, they tend to contain less resinous leaves. In addition, these resinous leaves are smaller, they will usually be covered with trichomes… Their THC content is high, some growers leave these small leaves stuck to the bud so as not to lose potency.

The large, fan-shaped leaves grow further from the buds and can grow quite large… These leaves are essential for absorbing light, and so to speak for ventilating the plant… But unfortunately, they do not contain the same amount of trichomes as small leaves.

We are really not suggesting smoking the big leaves, if your intention is to get a high… It would take such a huge amount for it to be effective that the smoke would give you a headache…

Turn your leaves into superfood

Fan leaves are not smoked due to their low THC content. However, they can be used in cooking. It is a perfect ingredient for preparing your food.

This is because the baking process extracts most of the power from the leaf. And the good news is, you'll have enough leaves to complement your food. In addition, it often happens that this kind of material grows in size when heated. You can also use the stems, the large leaves to make Marrakech butter.

Make tea

Use the cannabis leaves to make tea. The cannabionoids present in the leaves are fat soluble instead of being water soluble. This means that you can use them to make tea.

Pour the milk into a saucepan and put the leaves in it, bring to a boil and then simmer, letting the smell and flavor transfer into the tea. It is an excellent medicine for the body and the mind. More and more machines are used to infuse the cannabis plant, which could be very useful for the small resinous leaves ...

Leaf smoothie

If your cannabis leaves are still wet (alive), you can make therapeutic juice. If you consume the leaves still raw (and even hemp), are considered superfoods.

The extraction in the form of juice, catalyzes the cannabinoids present in the plant material. So avoid letting the leaves dry… The preparation is rather simple, put the leaves in a blender and mix them with other ingredients to obtain a smoothie. You could add banana, strawberry and coconut milk, etc.

Pizza and other garnish

You can add your cannabis leaves as a pizza topping. But they must first be dried and ground. In this form, you bring great nutritional value to your dishes. As seen above, this form of hash can be used in all foods. You can also sprinkle it on your salads and pasta, etc.

Frying leaves

Cannabis leaves (and hemp, containing only CBD) can be used in deep frying. A restaurant in Los Angeles literally offers fried marijuana leaves. This dish could be a stoner delicacy, if the leaf is infused with cannabis oil (THC)… But Shibumi decided to do something different by serving whole hemp leaves which are fried in batter. and topped with CBD crystals ...

Tincture based on resinous leaves

Making a dye may seem complicated, but it's actually quite easy. The first step is to decarboxylate your cannabis, by placing your finely chopped leaves in an oven at 106 ° (for one hour max). Then, once cooled, let your leaves soak in alcohol for at least a month… Cannabinoids are soluble in ethanol and the higher the alcohol concentration the better. But beware !! do not use methylated spirits or drugstore alcohol which is unsuitable for consumption.

The recommended alcohols are Baccardi at 75,5 °, Absinthe (which can go up to + 80 °), liqueurs, anything over 50/60 °, etc. Pure and undenatured ethanol remains the must (not that of the pharmacy…), it can go up to 96 °. However, you will not touch it until the extraction, and after it is fully diluted. Your tincture ready, open the contents for a week, so that the alcohol evaporates completely. The dye will be more concentrated, and more effective.


The leaves can also be used to make oil, hash or shake. But smoking a leaf of a plant that is still in a vegetative state is unlikely to work. Most THC-containing trichomes develop at the flowering stage, as is known. Once mature, you would be surprised what you can do with the leaves of your favorite plant ...

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