How to recognize a moldy grass

4 ways to recognize moldy grass 10

Here are the signs that your grass is moldy

Moldy grass is not a pleasant thing and can be dangerous. Whether it's for your health, or your whole culture. Molds can release harmful and toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that can affect a person's health in a variety of ways, including through lung infections and allergic reactions. It is important for consumers to steer clear of suspicious weeds. However, those who have a immune system compromises are the most likely to have deleterious effects upon exposure to a mold. Here are four ways to tell if you're smoking mold-rotten weed.

How do you know if there is mold in the grass?

There are several telltale signs of mold that can be found on flowers:

  1. Bland scent: Cannabis flowers with mold give off a rancid and rotten smell.
  2. Humidity: pressing the buds will give you a noticeable feeling of humidity.
  3. White or gray hairs : A thin layer of white or gray hairs develops on a particular area of ​​the flower.
  4. White powder The powdery mildew mushroom is in the form of a light powder resembling flour.
  5. Acute allergic response Sensitive consumers will respond with severe coughing, sore throat and itching, unusually runny nose, and immediately after smoking.

The colour

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
White speckled spots, sign of contamination

The first and most obvious way to look for signs of mold is color. These signs appear in the first place during growth. White speckled spots, a pale green, or even greyish are the obvious signs of mold. When growing plants, it is important to check them regularly.

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
The color range of mold ...

If the mold problem was detected early enough, it will be possible to save the crop. Otherwise, the sacrifice of the plant will be useless, because all the others will be contaminated by the proliferation of the microscopic fauna responsible for the mold. This is because the contaminant spores can travel through the air and spread easily from one plant to another, they are airborne. These spores can then turn into a fungus when the right conditions are met. If your bud (dried bud) shows signs of mold, it is recommended that you discard this sample… as well as anything it has touched.

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
Powdery mildew is a growing fungus in marijuana crops

Do not hesitate to take a good look at the magnifying glass (from the rod), the first signs of contamination can be treated.

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We distinguish 3 types of mold quite frequent:

mycotoxins, grass, mold in grass, How do I know if there is mold in grass ?, moldy grass
  • Aspergillus : fungus that produces mycotoxins
  • Cladosporium : common plant fungus that often grows on porous materials such as wood and paper
  • Botrytis : fancy name for gray mold and it is one of the most common pathogens in cannabis.
mycotoxins, grass, mold in grass, How do I know if there is mold in grass ?, moldy grass

The perfume

Many strains of cannabis have a natural, musky aroma. But, if your weed smells wet, or even too sweet, or just a little weird, that's reason enough to be suspicious. Dried buds that have an aroma similar to freshly cut grass can also be questioned. Indeed, if the flower has not been properly dried and cured, it is more likely to contract mold especially if it is not stored properly.

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
The smell is the second sign of good health ...

Chest pain

Some strains may have a more pulmonary effect than others. However, feeling chest pain, a feeling of tightness in the body, or just being sick after smoking is indeed a bad sign.

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
The chest compression is significant that something is not happening ...

Consuming contaminated bud can cause this problem, regardless of whether the grass has been exposed to molds, fertilizers, and chemical pesticides. Always contact a doctor if you experience severe chest pain.


Allergies such as inflammation of the eyes, mucus, seeing some kind of scabies or an itchy mouth can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Notably from exposure to mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxins made from microscopic fungi, such as those found in mold. This toxicity can have an acute (due to the effect of accumulation of mycotoxins in an organ such as the liver) or a chronic effect on humans.

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
One of the most common allergic reactions

In the event of an allergic reaction, it is possible that mold or a residual contaminant in your environment is to blame. Obviously it is important to consult a doctor in severe cases of allergy, and with the correct terms. It is not the grass that will contaminate you, but the microscopic fauna resulting from very bad environmental conditions. Which obviously destroys your plants as well.

Storing your weed
Direction trash ...

In case of poisoning

4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
Excessive humidity and mold, the main agents of contamination

Each person can have a different reaction to exposure to mycotoxins. Those with compromised immune systems will need to see a doctor. It is difficult to calculate in advance the consequences of contamination on the body. But of course, this will be added negatively in the event of exposure to a weakened immune system and therefore to their disease. Signs of mold exposure include:

  • Cough (repetitive and invasive)
  • The nosebleed ...
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness, loss of coordination
  • Fever (significant)
  • And a great general malaise
4 ways to recognize a moldy grass
Cannabis is good for your health, otherwise your weed is moldy ...

Otherwise, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms and if they occur. Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms worsen ...

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How to avoid smoking mold?

Here are some precautionary measures to prevent the use of cannabis with mold:

  1. Purchase from a trusted source : It is certain that buying in a legal place (dispensary, social club or other producer) can reduce the risk of finding mold in the flower, although legal cannabis farms with strict health standards can also have their infections. .
  2. Storing properly : Keep the flowers in appropriate conditions will prevent the progressive development of molds.
  3. Review: Before consuming, it is advisable to examine the flowers and look for the signs listed above.

Bottom line: moldy grass can make you sick.

Smoking moldy cannabis is not good for the medical user and even healthy people can experience some side effects. Inhaling this mold directly into the lungs can cause health problems for just about anyone, but it can be especially troubling for patients on treatment.

These problems may be more severe in people with weakened immune systems, who are prone to autoimmune diseases or who are generally sensitive to environmental allergens.

What to do with cannabis infected with mold?

The recommendation to anyone who has detected mold growth on the flower is throw it in the trash immediately and without deliberation. Although it is sometimes difficult to give up precious herbs, the presence of a fungus cannot be effectively removed or sterilized, even after preparing oil, hashish, butter or any other product.

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