How to prevent a joint from spooning


How to prevent a joint from going into a lollipop

Sometimes a joint decides, by its own will, to turn and only burn on one side. The joint is said to go like a boom or a carrot, but whatever expression you use, it's very annoying and spoils the fun. Some call this phenomenon "spoon", "carrot", "boat", "arrow", "train" or submarine, but it seems, according to some sources, that the official term is in fact an "Elvis" in referring to the famous "banana" hairstyle of the great singer Elvis Presley. So why is this happening and what if it happens? Here are 9 solutions to avoid and solve this problem.

Grind the weed well

Already, before even rolling, make sure that the whole mixture is well crumbled, that there are not too many large pieces of flower or tobacco that are not well crushed. Otherwise they are a joint pure or mixed with tobacco, this will prevent the formation of air pockets inside. It's air pockets are the main reason for poor combustion.

Roll evenly

Another reason for the formation of air pockets is uneven rolling even if your mixture is properly grindered. After filling your rolling paper, make sure that the mixture is distributed and spread over its entire length. Even when using ready-made cones, it is important to tamp your seal by tapping it 3 or 4 times on a hard surface on the filter side to make sure the mixture is well compacted.

Roll upside down

As in Amsterdam, "reverse gluing" of a joint is a method in which the paper wraps the mixture more tightly so that the unnecessary part of the paper comes off the joint after rolling.

Do not crumble large meatballs

When it's about shit, it sometimes happens that some accidentally leave large pieces which in contact with the flame causes a more intense combustion on one side than on the other. It is therefore recommended to crumble your hash beforehand, you can heat it a little and melt it in your tobacco so that your mixture is uniform.

Do not over-wet the collage

The excess saliva on the adhesive strip of your rolling paper causes this part to burn less quickly compared to the other drier side. It is therefore recommended to be satisfied with a little saliva, you can also wait a little before lighting it or even heat it very slightly with a lighter before lighting it.

Everything in the filter

It can also be argued that a filter too tight, with too many folds can cause poor combustion, be sure to ride with a cardboard filter designed for this purpose and leave enough opening for the smoke to pass easily.

Use quality rolling paper

According to some users, poor quality rolling paper induces poor combustion so good quality rolling paper is recommended and you can trust well-known brands. Or roll without leaves.

Don't light up in the wind

Others have noticed that when you light a joint in a windy place, the combustion is more or less rapid depending on the direction of the wind, the side from which the wind comes will tend to consume it more quickly compared to the 'other. 13 min

Ignite the gasket correctly

Some people explain that the cause of this phenomenon can be a bad ignition of the gasket. Too strong a flame can lead to an imbalance of combustion not at ignition, but in the middle of the joint, another example if you shoot too hard or too quickly, you will have the same disadvantages.

How to fix it after it has already happened?

If the situation is catastrophic, all you have to do is roll another one. But before you resign yourself to it, you can try to make up for it by wetting your finger with a little saliva that you apply on the side most consumed so at the next puff inhaled, the saliva will delay the combustion which will restore a regular and equal combustion on both sides. Repeat as many times as needed.

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