How to handle a bad trip

Bad trip guide

Often due to prohibition, we do not know what is in our joint! substances that pose a certain risk and that are not monitored at all can cause various side effects in some people, sometimes called bad trips. How do you help a stoner who is having a bad trip? A few tips.

All kinds of drugs (so called hard) can sometimes lead people to a state of severe distress called “bad trips” this condition can last a few minutes or long hours and its cumulative effect can be severe and lasting. During a Trip, the mental vulnerability is enormous and the nature of the reactions a person receives from the environment can make the difference between a quick recovery or long-term psychological damage. So what can you do when you realize that someone is going on a bad trip?

Earn his trust

First of all, gain the trust of the bad person. It is best if the accompaniment is provided by a friend, girlfriend, or anyone with whom the patient feels comfortable. If she's alone, try to gain her trust. Convince him that you are a friend. If the person seems to be afraid of you and prefers another person, don't “be offended” and give them your place.

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Stimulus reduction

Bring him to a calm, non-threatening environment. Flickering lights, intricate musical ambiences and even detailed wallpapers deprive the brain of vital mental energy. However, don't panic and start rethinking the room. Be calm yourself is very important.

People tend to forget that they are under the influence of a drug. Go back and remind your friend that he is now traveling, that this is a temporary phenomenon, and in a few hours the nightmare will be over. The most common thing about a bad trip is the feeling "that it will never end!" ". Remind the badger that his perception of time is incorrect and only seems longer, like an eternity.


Tell him he's in a safe place, among good people, and that nothing will hurt him. If the objective situation is difficult (during a police raid, for example), try to convey the feeling that the situation is under control and that there are the right people here who will solve the problem.


Help him relax. You can use methods of reducing the tension felt, such as deep breathing or muscle massage, the main thing is that he rests. Calm music (eg ambient) can help

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Chat, find neutral questions, an interesting topic can sometimes get the bad person out of a difficult situation in a few moments. It is very important to speak to him calmly without yelling, appearing threatening or making rapid movements.


If the person suffers physical, mental or even emotional trauma and does not respond, a medical cause must be sought, notify the emergency services. Although most people respond positively to the method we have explained, there are drugs that can suddenly lead to aggressive or violent behavior. Find out what the person to use and especially stay on the safe side until you know what they have taken.


It is important to remind the person on the bad trip who they are, where they are, that they took something, the effect of which has finally passed and that they will not die or become one. crazy.

It is important to note that it is precisely the ban on the use of certain substances and the persecution of consumers causes ignorance and apprehension of users leads to errors in calculating the correct amounts to use for certain products.

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