Himachal Pradesh plans to allow cultivation of medical cannabis

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh officials plan to enact law that will allow cultivation

Senior government officials in Himachal Pradesh in India plan to promote a law that would allow the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes a declared Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur responding to the resolution presented by BJP MP Ramesh Dhawala to the state assembly on Friday.

Himachal Pradesh to consider policy to legalize culture

According to Thakur, one of the negative aspects of cannabis is that it remains dangerous for young people while on the other hand if the production of cannabis is under government control, it will be easier to control its use. He said cannabis is not only “intoxicant” in use, but can also be used in some products for medicinal purposes. In addition, it should be noted that in Himachal Pradesh hemp seeds and cannabis are used during festivals and on the occasion of many moments of life.

The chief minister said himself in favor of granting legal status to the cultivation of cannabis. He stated that he himself presented a resolution in this regard on 24 June 2004 during the parliamentary initiative day in the assembly. He said that beyond political parties, most MPs at the time were in favor of passing laws in this regard. This is still the case today, added Thakur.

He said the states of Gujarat and Uttarakhand have developed rules for growing cannabis under the NDPS law, while the NDPS law is under consideration in Madhya Pradesh and Manipur. He said the location and climate of Himachal Pradesh are largely favorable for growing cannabis. In such a situation, growing hemp can become an important means of strengthening the state's rural economy.

In December 2020, India voted to remove cannabis from the list of the most dangerous drugs, but even today it is still a banned substance in India. Discussions about legalization, although often taking place in a country where there may be hundreds of millions of smokers and the culture associated with the plant is very ancient and even almost sacred, often fails to advance. the acts. However, things could change soon, at least in Himachal Pradesh, where the state government plans to implement a policy that will allow the legal cultivation of cannabis, for medical and industrial purposes.

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