Hermaphrodite plants and how to protect them

hermaphroditic plants and how to protect yourself from them 10

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants are produced from environmental stress, here's how to identify them and how to protect yourself from them

Animals and plants suffer from stress if external circumstances do not suit them. And this can modify the genetics of living things… A cannabis plant produced as a result of stress can produce female and male flowers at the same time. When the flowering phase is complicated, it can become hermaphroditic… Hermaphroditism is a natural process, but you should avoid it. Because pollination of a herma on your female plants can totally ruin your crops. Here's how to identify hermaphroditic plants and how to protect yourself from them.

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants

Cannabis plants can become hermaphrodites. That is to say having both sexual organs. The main cause is genetic like the Thai very popular among growers. Also, your cannabis plant can become hermaphroditic due to environmental stress. The sudden change in temperature, poorly adapted weather conditions, interruption of light cycles, or quite simply a water problem are the cause ...

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants

Hermaphroditism is often confused with a monoecious plant. Hermaphrodite plants produce flowers with male and female organs while monoecious plants have separate male and female flowers. We consider both species of plants as "herma". And of course and hermaphroditic characteristics can be transmitted from plant to plant, by crossing.


Two types of hermaphroditism

For cannabis there are therefore 2 main traits of hermaphroditism, the genetic type and the buds which become mixed due to environmental stress. In addition, a clone of a "real" herma plant will necessarily turn into a herma ... But suddenly, they are more predictable to predict ...

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
Sometimes difficult to distinguish from a pure male

With the "true" hermaphrodite, the male and female parts grow on different parts of the plant. But they won't grow together in the same place. Those resulting from an accident or environmental stress have both sexes in the same place ... The "real" herma have both female pistils and fully formed (male) pollen sacs.

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
Recognize hermaphroditism on a cannabis plant

Male flowers have five stamens. Male flowers are easily distinguished from females by their yellow color and banana shape. It is important to inspect the plants regularly, from all sides.

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
Small male flowers can sometimes hide under the leaves.

The male flowers are easily detached from the plant with wind or ventilation… This means that pollination has already taken place… However at the end of flowering there are often tiny male flowers inside the female heads . But most of the time they are sterile ...

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Prevent reproduction

It is recommended not to breed a plant that shows hermaphroditic traits. Because it is a highly hereditary genetic trait, in the pejorative sense of the term. A good breeding mother will not show signs of hermaphroditism even when under stress.

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
The Thai has genetics conducive to hermaphroditism. A case apart ...

It is recommended that you remove hermaphroditic plants from your grow room or grow area as early as possible to avoid accidental pollination of buds. If the pollen comes into contact with your buds, these buds will stop concentrating on the production (of buds)… Thus the plant will transform all its efforts into frantic production of seeds !! Your buds will be reduced, not to say shabby ...

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
Accidental pollination, end of the story ...

While this is not advisable, a grower who is watching very closely can carefully pluck any pollen bags before they burst. This process requires a lot of vigilance and diligence… As soon as a pollen sac appears, you can be sure that others will appear continuously… You can sprinkle a little water on the male flowers to neutralize the pollen. And then you need to cut them with utensils sterilized with alcohol (with tweezers or small scissors).

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants

In many cases, only one male flower will appear during cultivation and flowering. If you pay attention to environmental factors, male flower proliferation ends early. On the other hand, if many male flowers are present and the process does not get bogged down… Then you must get rid of your hermaphrodite plant… Moisten this unwanted plant, move it away from your grow space, or kill it…

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An ideal environment

hermaphroditism, environmental stress, herma, hermaphrodite plants
No real environmental stress for the Thai ...

Creating an ideal environment improves the quality of the end product. But it also reduces the risk of hermaphroditism, and that your plants suffer needlessly ... Here are some preventive measures to adopt:

  1. The lighting during the flowering phase is to be scrupulously respected as well as the times of PERFECT darkness. The slightest light interference during this phase can degenerate your cannabis plants… Well, according to the majority of species.
  2. The temperature must be less than 27 ° and not vary excessively during the day and night phase
  3. The humidity conditions must be suitable, the excess or the lack of water degrades the plant and can produce a genetic disturbance ...
  4. Avoid pesticides, fungicides and excessive fertilizers. A chemical overdose can alter your plantation ...
  5. Take care of your plants, trim them and make sure to maintain good hygiene
  6. However, avoid intensive pruning during the flowering phase ...
  7. Damaged roots (violent repotting) or broken branches can also be a factor of "negative" rehabilitation of the plant.
  8. Do not exceed the date of harvest, this kind of unheard-of delay for a farmer can disturb the plant

In addition, feminized cannabis seeds are more likely to be hermaphroditic compared to regular seeds. It all depends on its genetics, just like the famous Thai… Pay attention to the seeds you plant. Learn in advance about your future culture. Getting rid of the hermaphroditic characteristic will allow you to harvest a more robust crop that is more suited to your needs ...

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