Medicinal herbs that combine well with smoke

medicinal herbs that combine well with smoke 6

Alternative to smoking: medicinal, aromatic & associative herbs to cannabis smoke

There is a wide range of herbs that can be consumed individually and combined with cannabis. There are a lot of reasons to do this, especially to avoid smoking. Some of these herbs which are used when they are associated with cannabis, will allow users to relax. Others will offer an alternative to recreational consumers. And some are a great base to add to your joint. You will definitely have a sensory experience adding them together. Let's take a look at the different herbal remedies that can be used with cannabis smoke, along with their aromas.

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The mullein leaf (the white broth)

Mulleins are dicotyledonous plants mostly biennial from Europe and Asia. It belongs to the Scrofulariaceae family and to the genus Verbascum. Often large, they are pubescent, with five-petaled flowers, most often yellow with orange anthers, grouped in long spikes. The leaves form a rosette at the base, then alternate along the stems. The best-known species is white broth, renowned for its medicinal properties.

smoke, smoking, herbal medicine

It is an herb known for centuries to relax the respiratory system when smoked. It also acts as a sedative, and has diuretic qualities. The mullein leaf has a smell similar to black tea. When you smoke it, it feels like you're near a campfire. This is due to the smell of smoke, with a depth of cedar. It can generally be mixed with marijuana as a base. Which gives users a smooth cannabis smoking experience. The texture is soft like cotton and the stems are easy to pull apart. When paired with marijuana, this is the perfect base for a sativa strain.

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Passion flower (Passion flower)

The passion flower comes from Asia, South America and part of America. It is a vine, perennial in nature and lovely flowers and elaborate petals. People use it to reduce anxiety, calm restlessness, and relax the mind. The aerial parts of the officinal passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) are known in herbal medicine for their anxiolytic and sedative action.

smoke, smoking, herbal medicine

It has a grassy aroma, which may seem unappealing and unappealing at first. However, with cannabis the whole thing becomes delicious and has a warm, yet sweet flavor. Which is also pleasant enough to give a good smoke ... Obviously the medicinal properties are felt, with a subtly sedative impact, offering relaxation to the nerves. Passionflower used with cannabis can help balance the full potency of THC.

Damiana leaf

Turnera Diffusa, known as Damiana, is a shrub native to southwestern Texas in the United States, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. It belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It is a shrub that produces yellow flowers that give off an aromatic scent. It is believed that Damiana was the basis of an aphrodisiac during the Mayan and Aztec era.

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smoke, smoking, herbal medicine

The plant has a pleasant flavor and taste and is said to have a relaxing, calming effect on the mind and body. Combined with cannabis, it provides and improves mood. This puts the user in a pronounced relaxed state. Note that it is best paired with indica strains. You should consider using the hybrid strain, Super Silver Haze. Choose high pinene strains, one terpene associative to Damania. To enjoy the minty flavors, consider using earthy strains of marijuana. With the use of Damiana leaf, you may find that your blood sugar levels may be affected. Therefore, be careful if you have diabetes.

Alternative to smoking

It is important to note that cannabis can be used with or without these herbs. So this kind of association will allow the user in most cases, to better appreciate the smoke and the experience that goes with it.

smoke, smoking, herbal medicine
Nothing to add …

Some people prefer to smoke natural strains of marijuana without adding anything to it. Because if well "built", good weed will always be good weed. However, the majority will obey the laws of smoking by mixing their favorite herb with tobacco and its lethal health additives… You will not lose anything by trying out an alternative taste and high by testing these herbal remedies.

Medicinal plants and cannabis

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