Hemp makes an appearance at NEC Birmingham

The National Exhibition Center is a convention center located in Solihull, England

The first ever legal cannabis convention in Britain attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

  • More than 5 000 people went to the Birmingham NEC for this weekend's convention.
  • Only dedicated to hemp and cannabidiol.

The hemp and CBD exhibition took place at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday and Sunday.

It intervenes after the legalization of the CBD last November, following high profile cases such as that of Billy Caldwell. The young epileptic from Northern Ireland had previously been prohibited from using the product despite the soothing effect it would have had on his condition.

But a drastic shift in Home Secretary Sajid Javid's policy has opened the door for people in a similar position to Billy to access a variety of products.

For 30 £ per ticket, participants could try anything from coffee brewed to lip balm to vape oils for e-cigarettes.

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Two days of seminars included classes on topics such as adding CBD to your diet, the law of cannabis, and CBD as natural antibiotics against multidrug-resistant bacteria .

Cannabidiol has seen a surge in popularity this year, with users claiming it helps fight symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, menopause, and arthritis.

Around 300 Britons are believed to be regular users of CBD products and the industry is estimated to be worth billions by 000.

The hemp exhibition aimed to educate and unify what is often an unrecognized industry, disseminate knowledge and information, and bring together professionals and everyday consumers under one roof. The second congress will be held again at the prestigious NEC in September 2019.

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Tommy Prendergast

Tommy Prendergast, exhibition organizer, has declared : “The hemp industry is an important and professional industry, and we felt that this should be reflected appropriately; we decided to demonstrate it by choosing the most prestigious location for an industry in search of stabilization and a positive change in public perception.

We hope to continue to grow at the same rate as the UK hemp market, while raising awareness of this fantastic industry ”.

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