Is hemp about to take off in India?

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New FSSAI regulations will allow the use of hemp as a food source

New hemp food safety regulations will bolster its reputation in India, according to market research firm GlobalData. The company warned, however, that progress will be slowed if regulations hamper consumer education about hemp.

New food safety regulations to open up the market for hemp products in India, according to GlobalData

With the legalization of the cultivation of hemp (Cannabis Sativa) in several Indian states and the development by food safety authorities of regulations for hemp products, the Indian hemp food and drink market is ready. take off, says data and analytics company GlobalData.

Cannabis has gained a positive image among millennials and millennials in India, according to theGlobalData survey on consumers in the second quarter of 2021 *. Hence, it is boosting demand for new hemp-based foods and drinks with vegan, vegetarian, organic, and immunity-boosting claims.

“For centuries people living in various rural areas of India have consumed seeds, flowers to extract cannabidiol oil (CBD oil). However, the government ban on the cultivation of hemp, the lack of regulations and the lack of knowledge of the plant among the urban population of India have hampered the growth of the market. This is what emerges from the survey conducted by GlobalData among consumers in the second quarter of 2021 and which reveals that 27% of Indians do not know about cannabis / marijuana and that 32% have no knowledge of CBD "said Nitu Bhattacharva, Analyst at GlobalData.

Manufacturers are working to educate consumers about hemp by promoting it as a "superfood" rich in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for good health and strong immunity.

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However, new regulation being developed by the Indian Food Safety Authority, will prohibit manufacturers from making any nutritional or health-related claims with respect to CBD.

“Hemp is too often confused with cannabis, which induces a psychoactive 'high'. Legalizing the cultivation of hemp as well as its production and distribution will help dispel the negative image and open up prospects for hemp products in India, ”Bhattacharya added. “But if we leave it at that, the new FSSAI regulations will prevent manufacturers from properly educating consumers about the health benefits of CBD or about cannabis.

* Data taken from GlobalData Q2 2021 consumer survey - India (June 2021) with 541 respondents, of which 131 say they believe “cannabis / marijuana” will have a positive impact on their health.

The regulations established by the FSSAI will be a crucial turning point for the hemp industry.

On November 15, 2021, the FSSAI issued a notification stating that hemp seed oil as well as hemp flour may be sold as food or used as an ingredient in a food for sale, subject to standard. compliant.

Thanks to FSSAI's decisions, more and more companies will want to enter this new industry, adding to the growing global hemp industry. In the years to come, many hemp-based food products will develop providing consumers with a range of healthy foods.

The Vijaya, also called Bhanga is a cannabis-based medicine and is widely used by Ayurvedic doctors to treat various ailments, it gives excellent results when properly administered. Ayurveda recognizes the use of cannabis leaves in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines.

The supply of hemp leaves is controlled by the government, with only a handful of companies licensed by Ayush to make hemp which is supplied to retailers.

Ananta Hemp Works “is a Delhi NCR hemp-based startup, which has the Ayush license to manufacture hemp-based medicines and nutritional products. To promote general wellness and holistic health through natural hemp products, Ananta has launched four product lines: Hemp Nutrition, Hemp Personal Care, and Hemp Wellness with a small dedicated segment. pet friendly known as CannaEase PetWell.

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Ananta's hemp medicines are sold under their CannaEase brand. These drugs are made naturally to bring you the benefits of hemp in its pure, natural form. On November 18 of this year, Ananta Hemp Works completed its first year of existence and spoke about promising projects for the future. They have established Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinics in Delhi NCR with leading Ayurvedic doctors to make the products available and accessible to people locally, ensuring that education on the products is also done firsthand.

Ananta aims to make chemical-free herbal medicines, nutritional products and personal care products available to all, following a sustainable and clean brand approach. The company actively defends the Vijaya plant as a pioneer in our lives, while raising public awareness and imparting valuable information about the plant, one of which is the mention of "Vijaya" in our Vedas. and our ancient medicinal practices. Hemp is mentioned as one of the top five herbs in Ayurveda, and hemp medicines do not have major side effects.

Founders Abhinav Bhaskar and Vikram Bir Singh say, “With the extensive support of the government, we expect the industry to thrive and capture a significant share of the market in the coming times, not only in sectors limited to medicine. , nutrition and personal care, but also in textiles, agriculture and other sectors. Hemp has the potential to become the backbone of many businesses. Our goal is to make Indian hemp known to the whole world. "

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