The hash at 99% THC


THC-A Crystalline, 99% THC hash

Crystalline is the latest craze in the hash community, and everyone would be worth a taste… The demand is so high that THC-A Crystalline is not cheap. It can be found for $ 200 per gram at dispensaries across Southern California. The THC contained in it is 99,9%, so Crystalline is officially the strongest hash on the market.

A misleading picture

Cannabis concentrates are known for their variety of textures and shapes. The variety (crumble, wax etc) is something that everyone can enjoy according to their taste. What many hobbyists don't realize is that these different textures develop from the solvent used to make the concentrate. Also considered are the methods of purging the solvent exerted on the final product. However, when THC is reduced to its purest state, it crystallizes… This creates crystal “rocks” that look very different from any other marijuana concentrate on the market.

Newcomer to the hash family, Crystalline

Many people are interested in Crystalline just because of its appearance. The Internet is filled with scornful reviews for its very “crack” aspect, and that review is quite valid in a way. But don't judge by how it looks, because “crystalline” cannabis is the purest form of THC. This crystalline form provides treatment for many patients with debilitating and fatal illnesses ...

The aspect of “crack”, of “methamphetamine” for a concentrate that offers the opposite!

Solvent free

Guild Extracts, a Southern California mining company, is the current leader in Crystalline production. Their crystallization process is kept under lock and key, but they claim to be able to make THC-A Crystalline from any starting material ranging from hydrocarbon extract, to CO2 extract and even concentrate from oil. 'ice water… One thing Guild Extracts explained is that they don't use solvents to create this hash. But rather they extract the pure THC from the raw materials ...

Macro image of Crystalline produced by Atom Labs.


You may be wondering, what exactly is crystalline THC-A? Well, before THC is burned (or vaporized) it is found in its raw acid form, also known as THC-A. THC-A on its own is completely inactive, which means if it is ingested you will not get High. However, without this High in ingestion, the medicinal properties are simply extraordinary… On the other hand, when THC-A is activated by heat in a process called decarboxylation, the carbon acid atom (the “A” in THC- Exploded ! Which obviously declares the psychoactive THC, and the 99% sought-after High ...

Macro image of Crystalline produced by Atom Labs (continued)

Terpenes absent but ...

Remember, this pure THC does not contain terpenes. These famous magic compounds that give cannabis strains their distinctive aroma and flavor profiles while contributing to their therapeutic effects. To compensate for the lack of flavor, Guild Extracts became famous for the "Dip n dab", soaking the crystalline concentrate in terpenes extracted from strains such as Goji OG, Tangie and Sherbert.

The terpenes of Goji OG, much sought after in US clinics

While the potency of High may scare a few, THC-A Crystalline hash provides a surprisingly clean, focused and inspired high. In addition, at the health level, this hash is completely free from any chemical contribution (think butane…). To conclude, Crystalline 99% THC is quite simply, highly medical and recreational.

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