Canadian Society Partners with Harvard Medical School


Harvard and the Canadian firm Atlas ink, establish a research program

Harvard University is at the forefront of medical cannabis research and has chosen Atlas Biotechnologies as the founding partner of this initiative. Atlas will be exclusively the sole supplier of cannabis flower and its derivatives for research. 

Atlas has committed C $ 3 million to the research program on the occasion of the opening of the new Institute of Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis which will be based at Harvard Medical School in Boston, unveiled last Sunday at Global Health Catalyst.

The mission of the Institute of Phytomedicine (IPI) is to harness the best scientific, technological and educational knowledge provided by Harvard and partner institutions to convert potential high-impact herbal medicines into evidence-based pharmaceutical grade products. for global health and economic development.

The university partnership with the private sector could validate certain treatments by proving the effectiveness of the formulations, making these treatments more marketable.

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Other industry partners with sponsored research commitments include: Flavocure Biotech Inc. Atlas Biotechnologies Cannabis Science Inc.

As part of this collaboration, Atlas will supply cannabis products to Harvard Medical for testing from its growers subsidiary, Canada Atlas Growers, and possibly to other post-secondary institutions in the United States for testing purposes. research and development.

The Canadian company's research with Harvard will focus on neurological disorders and pain.

“We, nor the director of Harvard Global Health Catalyst, have encountered a group that involves a similar caliber of institutions and industries all working together to achieve a common goal,” said Jeffrey Gossain, Director General of Atlas. “By bringing all of these groups together into one institute, we have created the best possible way to achieve unprecedented health and wealth through herbal medicine.

“As we go along, the more research there is on cannabis, the more comfortable doctors will be in prescribing cannabis-derived products for all of these different symptoms,” said Gossain.

“And that's kind of the vision we have. Create the world's most trusted cannabis products. And the trust will be based on the research and development we do across the industry. "

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Harvard's partnership with Atlas provides funding over the next three years based on targeted research goals. The first Atlas delivery is scheduled for July.

This new partnership comes into play right after the announcement, earlier this month, that an early investor in the Canadian cannabis market had donated $ 9 million to be shared between Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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