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The guide to the first cannabis joint

Everyone remembers their first time, their first joint of marijuana. Depending on the circumstances and the quality of the weed, the experience may have been “good” or “bad”. In most cases, a bad first experience can be avoided by implementing minor planning before smoking. This guide is intended to help the beginner stoner. Must read before your first fart ^^

beginner, stoner, first joint

Before you begin

For many (rushed) stoners, the first time you smoke weed isn't such a great experience. Others have taken a positive and memorable slap from the first puff. It is therefore important to note that in the majority, we do not get this high "high" ...

beginner, stoner, first joint
A second time often more successful than the first ...

If so, apply the same rules from this guide the "second time" and you will have that famous "spark", that high high, and therefore a very pleasant experience.

Cannabis is cannabis

The first thing to do is to obtain the right material, and therefore preferably vegetal… Obtain the best possible quality of cannabis and with a safe hand! If you want to achieve a very meaningful and high high, it is important that this step is done correctly. Avoid anything that is cut, because obviously good weed is natural!

beginner, stoner, first joint
Time is cannabis

Less than five grams will do the trick and get you going. This way you can roll a few joints… Which is more than enough to go around it, especially if the quality is up to current standards (an herb containing THC and CBD).

The environment

The next important thing to consider is "where" will happen the first time. Public places tend to attract cops, like a bunch of flies at a crappy buffet. And there the first experience could end in a nightmare. Find a place that is "safe" and under your supervision. You are the person who controls their space ...

beginner, stoner, first joint
Control of the environment

Someone's house, or wherever you know you can get some peace and quiet for a while. Get a comfortable space, and configure it by setting up:

  • Music
  • Fresh air
  • Access to the bathroom and kitchen (if any)
beginner, stoner, first joint
Music is an absolute necessity to set the mood

Adventure companions

If the experience is personal, of course you can skip this step… However, for all those who want to create their first spark with others, make sure you surround yourself with the right people! And it goes according to your expectation, if you don't want a "monkey" who does his show the first time, don't invite him !.

beginner, stoner, first joint
Avoid mimes ...

When you experience these "new things" no one needs another's negative vibration. This goes with everyone's expectations and tastes, but in general it is recommended to have someone with experience close to you.

beginner, stoner, first joint
Example of an experienced person ...

Because for this person, the first fart was just as sacred as the one you are going to smoke yourself. Finally, especially if you are all "beginners" ... Having someone with experience by your side can ensure that you keep a "cool" head throughout the trip ...

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Nibbling (s)

Almost unstoppable during the first experiences, sudden hunger (munchies). Ensure the food beforehand! You will certainly be hungry and thirsty from the first joint. And if you don't want to face “the outside world”, get your breakers ahead. Take to everyone's taste, and hesitate on fruity drinks.

beginner, stoner, first joint

If you're really hungry, a classic: pizza delivery !!. It's the minimal interaction with the outside world and you get food… which is always enjoyable.

The method

Now that you've got the environment set up, tracked down the suckers, secured your cravings, and the weed looks famous, it's time to smoke it! There are many ways to use marijuana. The most common methods include pipes, bong to spray, or joints ...

beginner, stoner, first joint
or chilium ...

For the first time, bongs are not recommended, even dabbing, even if they are devilishly effective methods… Maybe a dab pen, but avoid bongs for a first time, especially if it is your first encounter with the plant. The same goes for edibles, and cannabis oil.

beginner, stoner, first joint
First successful experience, because modest and comfortable ...

The safest and most candid encounter for the first time is the old-fashioned way. Joint or pipe, so that you can dose and feel the effects at your convenience. But don't worry, a good weed in a joint can be a strong and magical encounter, as long as it goes smoothly. Cannabis is not really a drug, becoming a real stoner is a gradual process.

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Now that you're ready, it's time to feel that special “spark”. So you just need to inhale slowly, and let yourself be carried away by the flow. Realize that it is impossible for you to overdose on marijuana. If you're feeling weird, have a snack. This will help regulate your high. And if you're dizzy or something, drink some water and go to bed… The feeling will pass soon.

beginner, stoner, first joint
Mastery of "High" with a good ice cream

Finally the main thing is to have fun with the grass. It is a very pleasant experience that millions of people enjoy every day. Music sounds better, conversations get deeper, and some random items can be funny as hell 🙂

beginner, stoner, first joint
Birth of a Stoner ...
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