Greece: Balkannabis, the show dedicated to the cultivation and consumption of cannabis


In addition to lectures, cannabis products were presented at Balkannabis Expo 2018 in Greece.

The lounge Balkannabis Expo 2018  was held from June 1 to 3, at Technopolis in Athens, Greece. Companies, associations and cannabis-based products were present there. We talked about the industrial and pharmaceutical applications of the plant.


The exhibition hosted more than a hundred exhibitors, cannabis professionals and traders. In addition, specialists and scientists from all over the world have made the effort to travel.

Speakers and scientists from around the world in Greece.

The exhibition hosted two international conferences (Cannabis Science & Hemp Summit) with dozens of scientific and professional guests from Greece and around the world.

Thus, more than 30 international speakers, scientists and industry executives gave a presentation on current developments, medical applications and business prospects of the cannabis industry.

The first day focused on the research and medical applications of cannabis. On the second day, the industrial use of cannabis was discussed.

Various products based on or containing cannabis were presented there. Indeed, we could see bottles of raki, ouzo, not to mention coffee, drinks and chocolate.

So the Canadian cannabis market is expected to grow 700% over the next two years to reach $ 2,1 billion. For its part, Europe clearly wants to play an important role in this area. In the Old Continent the economy around legal cannabis will bring in 50 billion euros in revenue over the next decade. Globally, the industry is expected to reach more than 100 billion euros by 2025, while the market currently stands at 16 billion euros.

Positioning Greece in the global cannabis economy

According to Michalis Theodoropoulos, president of KannaBio, Greece can play an important role in medical and industrial cannabis. “Geomorphology and climate are our comparative advantages,” he added.

“This is a historic initiative,” said the president of the Attica region, Rena Dourou.

“First we have to demystify cannabis while showing the economic potential of this plant. »He clarified.

Stavros Theodorakis, leader of Potamios, has the economic potential of cannabis on the occasion of his visit to the exhibition. “Today we live in the era of the Kannabis Expo. Greek growers, young and old entrepreneurs, are trying to enter the global wave of marketing cannabis products. The market for medical cannabis in the future will number in the tens of billions, ”he said.

Noted that Balkannabis Expo 2018 took place under the auspices of the Greek authorities. Thus the Ministry of Rural Development, the city of Athens, the region of Attica and the General Secretariat of Industry have supported the initiative.

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