Grass rescues NASA

Cannabis in NASA's rescue & extended space flight

Cannabis to the rescue of NASA & extended space flight

NASA put out an ad looking for people who are willing to take part in their "Rest Studies". This study which requires participants to spend 70 consecutive days in bed. They will have to relax and smoke different types of cannabis, for which they will receive a salary of 18.000 dollars. During the relaxation period, participants are allowed to read books, play games, use Skype, and smoke cannabis. They can do whatever they want as long as it means staying in bed ...

NASA will pay you $ 18000 to stay in bed and smoke weed for 70 days


Marijuana in space?

The purpose of these studies is to determine the best way to preserve the health and safety of astronauts during periods of extended space travel. Complete rest and relaxation is the best way to stimulate zero gravity in space. This is because zero gravity actually means zero weight and therefore pressure on your muscle. Also, they want to see how marijuana will affect the body in such an environment. The Rest Study is a very practical way to examine the changes that our body endures during space travel.

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Weed in orbit (photomontage)

Forbidden to leave your bed

One group will have to maintain the resting position while smoking weed… while another group will simply have to lie down and relax completely. This study is designed to achieve three main tasks:

  • Examine how the changing physiology of astronauts in space might affect the process of certain missions.
  • Examine whether the physiological state of astronauts could affect their ability to perform particular tasks.
  • Prepare countermeasures to combat any alterations that these physiological conditions may impose.
  • Study participants were divided into two groups: exercise and non-exercise.
A journey without "Alien"

The entire study will last somewhere between 97 and 105 days, depending on whether you are in the exercise or non-exercise group. Once the study has started, during the first 13 days (non-exercising subjects) and 21 days (exercising subjects), you can move freely in bed, in and out of bed. But once this period is over, for the next 70 days, you will be prohibited from leaving your bed. For 70 days you will have to lie down with your feet in the air, relax and enjoy! You will only get out of bed for a few tests and nothing more - 70 days of lazy days.

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The road will be long ...

During the study, NASA will need to perform bone, muscle and heart tests, as well as tests of your circulatory and nervous systems. Your nutritional status, as well as your immune system will be analyzed by the NASA throughout the process.


The job seems easy, but spending two full months in bed can become a nightmare. But NASA is counting on cannabis to overcome the rigors of isolation and immobilization.

The profile sought?

This will probably be your only chance to actually help get the first astronauts to Mars. In addition by simply lying on your back, without any particular effort with many herbs in the mouth.

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