Enjoy the grass at a festival

Festival season is around the corner, here's what weed lovers need to know

Music festivals are always a life changing experience. The use of cannabis at a festival is quite normal, and very common… The biggest festivals have to live with it! But there are some unspoken rules every smoker should keep in mind when smoking in this environment. Simple, joyful rules that won't harm anyone ^^

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival

The festival is a safe place

Unlike smoking in public spaces, a festival venue is a safe space! Cannabis frees the mind, making the user able to enjoy the music and the atmosphere of the festival much more. It is not necessary to feel anxious because everyone loves and accepts all types of lifestyles at festivals.

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
The Coachella Festival will take place in the Indio Desert in California, April 14-16 and April 21-23, 2017.

If you don't feel safe, take a deep breath and look at your surroundings. Without a doubt, you will see people dancing, walking around with a childish “naivety”… Thus, the music will envelop you in its enchanting charm.

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
And no, the "Millennials" are not "Hippies"

There's nothing to be scared of. Turn off your cell phone, remember that your responsibilities are at home (and outside the festival). Just enjoy the dance ...

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Cannabis is for sharing

The culture of the festival is extremely oriented towards kindness and sharing. Which in short, expected of all. Whether you are a "hardcore" smoker, or a relatively newbie, you have a place in the festival unit. Every time you roll a joint, remember your neighbor. Who knows, you might make a friend of him, who will share his weed with you later.

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
"Peace Love Unity Respect"

Ask people if they want to join your smoking session. This is especially useful when you have lost your friends in the crowd (which happens all too often!).

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
Like dancing, sharing the joint during festivals is a common activity ...

It is almost mandatory to share with the people in the tents closest to yours. This is how you make friends. And it is also the best way to participate in the “PLUR” (Peace Love Unity Respect) way of life.

The wreaths of cannabis flowers

As evidenced by these wreaths of cannabis flowers that you will find in abundance everywhere during American festivals, and who knows maybe Europeans… Here is the new invention of a Californian company to satisfy the Hipsters who will go to the Coachella festival. For all those who would like to combine style with pleasure.

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
As long as you go to Coachella, you might as well afford marijuana flower crowns

During the 18th edition of the Coachella festival, the company Lowell Farms concocted a unique product. It is a wreath of cannabis flowers, which can be found for sale all over California. You can smoke this crown, but the paradox is that you will need a prescription to get it ...

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
A promo tool that may become a fashion

Indeed, although legal the herb bought in stores can only be sold for medical reasons… It goes without saying that this invention will inspire a good number of festival-goers, but…

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Cannabis is not for everyone

Although it is used so much among festival-goers, cannabis is not for everyone. When someone asks you to smoke somewhere else or further away, do it!

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
Others will be attracted to other pleasures ...

Respect your human relatives. Don't make anyone uncomfortable because you seem to be a bit “blocked”… Don't be heavy, you don't know everyone's experiences with substances. And some may not want to smell, or feel, the effects of marijuana. And yes, it is quite possible during a festival.

Never press anyone to smoke. Just because you're at a festival doesn't mean everyone around you has to do things the way you do… Be a good person, offer, and if someone says no, accept it.

Go wild and have fun at the festival

During the festival, it is perfectly acceptable to be cooked, and all the time! Don't worry about what others might think, because it doesn't matter.

Coachella, Hipsters, Millennials, festival
At Burning Man, the gaze of others is no longer of any importance… Well almost ^^

If these people aren't cool, you can walk around and join one of the hundreds of other amazing people around you.

If you want to be alone, light up a joint and hit the dance floor. A festival is your access time to a certain freedom. Let your soul soar as high as you would like ^^

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