GMM or the World March for the Liberation of Cannabis

The GMM 2017 edition or the World March for Marijuana

Two weeks after many cities celebrated 420, people from cities around the world will take to the streets on Saturday 06 May for the 2017 World Marijuana March or GMM: Global Marijuana March, the Million Marijuana March. This global event took shape as a global response to policies against cannabis. Thus, in the form of an international day of convergence of cannabis struggles, the whole world has a rendezvous ...

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March

Million Marijuana March

The twentieth century brought a standardization of policies relating to narcotics and in particular cannabis. For example, the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961… Thus, the Global Marijuana March is the response to these policies. In some places it is known as the Million Marijuana March… A number which grows over time, and which is really starting to put pressure on it.

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
The GMM in Rome, in 2014

In each of the countries where the march will take place; hundreds of thousands of people are expected to participate. Across the world, in dozens of countries, the liberating march risks making noise. Originally organized by theactivist Dana Beal from New York, the event became a worldwide phenomenon in 1999. Which makes it the 19th, see the 20th edition for some….

GMM in the world

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
Poster of the GGM in the Czech Republic, in Prague

Since then, 80 countries participate. The event site at Deleware describes GMM as:

“A celebration that embraces the cultivation of marijuana as a personal lifestyle choice. Participants unite to discuss, promote, entertain and educate consumers and non-consumers.

Thus, this World March will bring together:

  • Africa, with 13 cities among 4 nations
  • Asia, with 33 cities among 11 nations (including Israel, Iraq and Turkey)
  • Russia, with 15 cities
  • In Europe, we will find no less than 211 cities among 36 nations (including 24 cities in France, and 49 in Germany)
  • Oceania, with 24 cities among 3 nations (mostly New Zealand)
  • 135 cities among 16 nations in Latin America
  • In addition sea, 8 cities among 6 territories
  • In Canada, 54 cities among the 12 provinces
  • And finally, the United States with obviously the majority, namely 395 cities among 50 states
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According to the organizers, the main requests for the 2017 edition of the march are:

  • stop arrests for cannabis use and possession
  • allow the medical use of cannabis
  • stop propaganda on marijuana
  • and “end the state of prison”.

GMM in France

In France, the first march took place in 2001 under the initiative of CAHO-MMC (Ad'Hoc Committee for the Organization of the World Cannabis March). In addition, the initiative brought together several legal entities such as political organizations (Les Verts, the LCR alias the ancestor of the NPA), the MJS and the JRGs), associations (CAM-RD, Act Up Paris, AIDES, ASUD, …). As well as economic or cultural players (the Éditions du Lézard, Esprit Frappeur, Chanvre et Cie, Natural Mystic). In 2009, the MMC is the starting point of the campaign for the European elections of Cannabis Sans Frontières.

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
A man poses with the peace flag with a cannabis leaf as he participates in the annual Global March for the Liberation of Cannabis on May 7, 2011 in Paris.

The movement has widened since… In addition, this demonstration is an important event, as it is rare to publicly demand the reform of the law of December 31, 1970. This year in France, the March was not synchronized with the world dates… The presidential elections seem to be of absolute priority… The March on Paris therefore took place last weekend, between the two rounds… However, another March will be organized by the association Hemp & Freedom, but this time after the elections. So next week we will have an appointment in Toulouse. Note that this will be the first edition in the Pink City.

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
2017 Global Marijuana Walk in Paris

The main events in the United States

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March

New York City

Million Marijuana March
New York GMM in 2014

Parade Assembly: 11:00 am | West 31st & Broadway, Koreatown, NYC
Start time of the parade: 12h30. Parade will walk to Union Square (South Road on Broadway)
Rally: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Union Square South Plaza

“The NYC Cannabis Parade is the longest running public expression of drug policy reform in New York City. With roots going back to the early 70s. This event saw many different characters go by, but our goal remains the same. Let everyone know! In 1999 the Million Marijuana March brand exploded into an annual event held in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries.

Los Angeles

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
2014 GMM in Los Angeles. The father of three children, Jimmy Romans was sentenced in February 2013 to life imprisonment for conspiracy… This for distributing marijuana…

Midday !

“You are cordially invited to walk with people or on the roof of your automobile on the subject of Hemp and Cannabis. Join us this way. It is a community event, children and friendly four-legged (on leash) friends are encouraged to attend. Bring recognizable signs. Once we get to the park, we will come together and continue to celebrate this wonderful plant. " 

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
Rehoboth Beach, the idyllic setting for a large gathering ...


“Start on Surfside Park and North Boardwalk, to Rehoboth Beach. Terminus with a rally and a call to action at the kiosk. Speeches from local reform advocates and leaders, Give-a-ways, Raffles, DJs, Photobooth, and more. Afterparty - Rehoboth Ale House at 20 pm »

Major events in Canada

GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
The Emery couple ...


GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
The GMM in Toronto in 2013

Toronto - Queen's Park High Noon - rally. 14 p.m. launch

“With over 20 demonstrators in Toronto, and with Canadian legalization looming, the atmosphere around GMM this year is sure to be lively. The walk will run north from Queens Park to Bloor, east to Yonge Street, Yonge to Wellesley and west to Queens Park. The peaceful celebration has never been arrested in the 000-year history of the event. Additionally, the GMM is the city's largest outdoor spring gathering generating millions of dollars for the local economy. " 


GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
World March for Marijuana in Vancouver in 2014

9 AM Vancouver Art Gallery, 750, Hornby Street

“Licensed Producers (LPs) want a monopoly on the sale of cannabis in Canada. Thus, the Liberal government is eager to cooperate, imposing severe penalties on anyone who develops or uses cannabis outside of this regime. To make sure this doesn't become a reality, a free, fair and open market has grown organically here in the Vancouver area. There is no better model of access to cannabis than the Farmer's Market. Come to the source and chat directly with farmers and extractors. ".


GMM, Million Marijuana March, World March
Tifa Ocampo dances in front of City Hall and along the Mall at Stephen Avenue. Saturday, May 2, 2015, during the GMM

14h30 to 17h Calgary City Hall, 800 Macleod Trail Southeast

“Marches and protests in front of Avenue Stephan. There will be speeches, a 50/50 raffle and other prizes. " 

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