Germany set to legalize nationwide after major parties strike deal

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Ampel parties consider legalizing cannabis

Berlin Turnaround in drug policy: according to a rapport, the Ampel parties seem to want to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. In addition, cannabis should be able to be sold in authorized stores.

The Coalition's Health and Care Working Group has agreed on this point, media group Funke reported on Thursday. “We are introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in authorized stores,” SPD, Greens and FDP negotiators said in the results document of the corresponding working group. This would make it possible to control quality, prevent the transmission of contaminated substances and guarantee the protection of young people. The Reuters news agency also reported on this document.

According to the report, the law in question will be assessed after four years on the basis of its impact on society. Until now, the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes has been banned in Germany. The Greens and the FDP, however, have long spoken in favor of a legal and regulated trade in cannabis.

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The three parties also want to develop drug-checking models and harm reduction measures, reads the Funke newspaper report. Drugchecking allows consumers to have the chemical composition of illegally purchased drugs checked and thus be warned of the presence of particularly dangerous components.

At the same time, the parties want to strengthen marketing regulations with regard to alcohol, nicotine and cannabis. "We always measure regulations according to new scientific knowledge and we adapt the protective measures for health," reads the document from the three-party working group, according to the report.

This reform was long in coming in Germany. It was in 2017 when members of the Christian Democratic Union and its ally, the Christian Social Union, began talks with the Free Democrats and the Greens to advance legalization. However, the police unions in Germany have spoken against the legalization projects.

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