Germany is preparing to legalize cannabis, second country in Europe after Malta?

cannabis in germany

Controlled distribution of cannabis in authorized stores but still no established schedule

So far, all the new German coalition government has said is that it will allow "the controlled sale of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed stores," an announcement that has boosted the market. cannabis to new heights and raised serious concerns among other European countries.

The proposal to establish a regulated market for the sale and consumption of marijuana by adults and to promote a broader drug policy - including regulated and taxed dispensaries, quality controls and effective youth protection laws - was included. in the agreements concluded between the parties of the German coalition negotiated in the greatest secrecy after the elections in September.

A game-changing decision

The center-left government led by Olaf Scholz, the Social Democrat who replaced center-right Chancellor Angela Merkel, is working in collision with the progressive Greens and the liberal, pro-industry Democrats.

The old Christian Democratic Party Chancellor Merkel had blocked this proposal for years.

Although no timetable has been set for the introduction of the legislation, "the plan could nonetheless set a game-changing precedent for the global marijuana cultivation and sale trade, and which would be closely monitored. by other countries which are considering liberalizing their drug laws ”, reports the Financial Times.

While the consumption of cannabis is not illegal under current German law, the purchase of this drug is illegal. A contradictory position compared to other European countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, where possession of small quantities of cannabis can still constitute a civil offense, while it is available in cafes " tolerated ”or social cannabis clubs.

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The biggest in the world

The plan, which would open up an important market for growers and dealers, calls for a reassessment of the new law and its implications after four years. Germany is said to be the largest nation in the world to legalize cannabis after Uruguay, Canada, Malta and 18 states in the United States.

According to the Financial Times, decriminalization "could bring the state a net profit of 4,7 billion euros per year, including 2,8 billion euros in tax revenue and 1,36 billion euros in savings. on police and court costs, according to a recent study by the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. "

Malta, first in Europe

The German initiative follows that of Malta, the smallest member state of the European Union, which last week became the first country in the European Union to legalize the recreational use and cultivation of marijuana.
marijuana plantation

New Maltese regulations allow up to seven grams of marijuana to be transported and up to four plants to be grown. The Maltese government has stated that "the new law aims to end the criminalization of people who smoke this drug and to reduce criminal trafficking".

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The law passed by Parliament now awaits the President's signature, which is considered a formality. It allows people to carry up to seven grams of marijuana, grow up to four plants in their apartment, and store up to 50 grams of dried cannabis in their homes.

"Malta has formally legislated on what exists in other European countries in a bizarre gray area," Steve Rolles, analyst at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a rights group in Britain, told the newspaper.
In the hands of non-profit organizations

A new government organization called the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis will be responsible for regulations which, among other things, establish that marijuana outlets should be located more than 250 meters from schools or youth centers and be managed by non-profit groups that will be allowed to cultivate the plant.

Their members will be able to purchase up to seven grams per day, with a maximum of 50 grams per month.

Consumption of cannabis in public is still prohibited, with higher fines for offenses involving minors and fines ranging from 50 to 100 euros for people carrying between seven and 28 grams.

The German and Maltese decisions should be followed by other members of the Union. In Italy, a referendum has obtained the necessary number of signatures, while Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are discussing the introduction of new drug regulations in the direction of legalization.

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