Georgia expands medical program

Georgia will expand access to cannabis oil

Georgia lawmakers have reached a deal to expand a program that will allow some patients to use an oil derived from marijuana. Senator Ben Watson, R-Savannah, will present the compromise to the Judicial Chamber's Non-Civil Committee on Friday morning, and he is expected to get a positive recommendation.

cannabis oil, Tourette's syndrome, Alzeimer, Georgia

Under the new proposition, six new diagnoses will be added to the list of eligibility requirements. For medical cannabis oil, Georgia will now accept autism, AIDS, Tourette's syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, anyone who enters a hospice program, will be allowed access to the low THC oil.

cannabis oil, Tourette's syndrome, Alzeimer, Georgia
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signs medical marijuana bill April 16, 2015

The proposal will establish reciprocity with other states so that visitors can access medical cannabis oil for 45 days. As long as they are allowed to do so in their home state. It also removes a requirement that patients live in the state for at least a year before qualifying for the program. Reciprocity and the removal of residency restrictions were included in an attempt to accommodate families of military personnel who may end up stationed in Georgia.

cannabis oil, Tourette's syndrome, Alzeimer, Georgia
Medical cannabis access card

A little weak oil ...

Under the proposal, prescribing doctors will only need to report to the state twice a year. Instead of the current quarterly requirement. In a previous version of the bill, Watson proposed reducing the allowable percentage of THC from 5% to 3%. Which drew strong criticism from patient advocacy groups.

cannabis oil, Tourette's syndrome, Alzeimer, Georgia
The THC and CBD content is very modest for the majority of patients

But patient rights groups say the compromise does not go far enough. Shannon Cloud of Hope, a patient and parent group advocates for greater access to medical cannabis. She would have preferred to see the Senate adopt the original proposal. Furthermore, she disagrees with the qualifier… Indeed for some diagnoses, a patient must be in serious condition or end stage.

“You shouldn't have to die to access medicine,” Cloud said

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