Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola goes to the luxury grass


Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, is also a renowned winemaker - and newly an entrepreneur in luxury cannabis

The filmmaker and director of Apocalypse Now, The Godfather and Dracula, Francis Ford Coppola, embarks on the adventure of Californian cannabis. The announcement of its brand Grower's Series, a récemment secoué la communauté du cannabis. Ainsi, Coppola propose une collection en édition limitée de trois variétés (uniques) de cannabis offrant « des expériences distinctes et mémorables ».  En tant que viticulteur de renom, Francis Ford Coppola compte bien inscrire cette lignée de cannabis dans l’industrie du luxe.

The cannabis line of Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola, one of the best filmmakers in the service of cannabis

Francis Ford Coppola is a director, producer and screenwriter born April 7, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. It has been awarded five times at the Oscars and twice won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He is recognized as one of the best filmmakers of this century; for films like: The Godfather - Apocalypse Now - Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula) - etc.

Francis Ford and his daughter Sofia Coppola, during a shoot.

However, Coppola, with his company American Zoetrope est aussi un producteur influent. Ainsi, on retrouve dans sa production, des films comme Sleepy Hollow – Jeepers Creepers, la série Les 4400; ainsi que les films de sa fille Sofia comme Virgin suicides – Lost in Translation – Marie-Antoinette- Somewhere; et de son fils Roman (CQ). Mais, on reconnait aussi la famille Coppola en dehors du monde du spectacle… En effet, le « parrain » Coppola est aussi viticulteur, éditeur de magazine et hôtelier; et nouvellement ganja entrepreneur…

The Grower's Series

Coppola, who has been producing wines for some XNUMX years, says the Grower's Series intends to educate customers about cannabis. Himself a consumer, he wants to discover the benefits and luxury of the plant.

« Le vin et le cannabis sont deux dons anciens et généreux dons de Dame Nature, liés par un grand soin, un terroir et une grande tempérance. », Déclare Coppola dans un Press release du 1er novembre. « L’expertise de l’un s’applique à l’autre. »

Since vineyards are not legally allowed to grow cannabis, it works in partnership with local producers. Humboldt, in northern California. Under the name of Sána Company (Unbeknownst to Sanskrit), his company will sell his products online and in clinics.

The 2018 Grower's Series will retail for $ 99

Cultivated and maintained by co-founders Johnny Deim (CEO) and Brett Todoroff (Chief Farming Officer); the duo selected a predominantly sativa strain, an indica dominant strain and a hybrid. For optimum quality, the strains are grown on separate plots, and at different altitudes for highlight the various microclimates of the region.

Each gram is packaged in a box shaped like a wine bottle; stamped with Coppola's signature. In addition, the Sána Company delivers each packaging with all the necessary utensils to make joints ...

An idyllic encounter in the world of cannabis

Coppola and Humboldt Brothers celebrated the launch of their collaboration at a special edition of The Herb Somm's Thursday Infused in a private residence in San Francisco, the October 25. In just a few hours, the evening featured the inventive and infused cuisine of Holden Jagger, canna-chef in the kitchen ...

The Diners Vape taking place at The Herb Somm's Thursday Infused

Other brands, including Kurvana, Utopia and Rosebud Woman. Jamie Evans, participated in the event. We owe this fantastic meeting, last August, during a conference at Wine & Weed Symposium in Santa Rosa.

« Ayant passé plus de dix ans dans l’industrie du vin et dirigeant maintenant une entreprise dans l’industrie du cannabis; je pense qu’il est incroyable de voir une famille (Coppola) si emblématique entrer dans cet espace. » Explique Evans. « Il y a tellement de synergies qui existent entre les deux industries, en particulier en Californie du Nord. Plus nous obtiendrons l’appui de leaders comme Francis Ford Coppola, plus nous nous rapprocherons de la lutte contre les stigmates du cannabis à l’échelle nationale. »

The Grower's 2018 series is available for pre-order from the end of December, when it will also be available in select dispensaries in California ...

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