France: Cannabis experiment postponed?

Initially scheduled for September 2019 then in January 2020, the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis in France will be postponed

Coronavirus, this is the excuse advanced by the National Assembly during discussions concerning the social security budget, A change has been submitted in Article 1 of the bill and provides for the postponement of certain experiments in order to deal with the consequences of the current crisis. Despite a request for an amendment passed by the trap, led by the deputy Mrs. Fontaine-Domeizel and her team, the experimentation of cannabis will undoubtedly be delayed.

Led by a Temporary Scientific Committee (CST), created by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), this experiment includes 3000 patients and for a period of two years. Its main objective is to assess the feasibility of a supply circuit (prescription, delivery, training, supply) of cannabis for medical use in France, for listed pathologies. As a reminder, this experiment will not concern the 200000 patients wishing to be treated with therapeutic cannabis for other pathologies (not listed).

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Theoretically this should last 24 months divided into 4 stages: six months for the establishment, six months of patient integration, six months of follow-up and six months of data analysis. At the end of these two years, a scientific committee will meet to write a final report on the effects of medical cannabis.

However, the purpose of this amendment is to exclude the current experiment from the field and has been declared inadmissible after its dissemination in application of article 98 of the regulations of the National Assembly.

This experiment, introduced thanks to a transpartisan amendment by the General Rapporteur during the examination of the social security financing bill for 2020, had reached a consensus during the vote in the National Assembly.

It must remain a priority in order to provide a rapid response to the suffering of thousands of patients, finding themselves at an impasse and facing numerous criminal and health risks.

This situation poses many problems for the ever-increasing number of patients, in addition to still not having access to drugs such as epidiolex, sativex, the wait becomes unbearable for many and their only option is self-medication, with the benevolent eye of certain practitioners and above all, when possible.

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In addition, there are too many gray areas, funding, training of prescribing doctors, production area, to hope that the date of September 2020 is realistic.

While waiting for better days, the situation of French patients is deteriorating, they can no longer wait and it sums up as follows: suffering for some, illegality for others. How long will France have to wait to resolve this situation when a good number of other European countries have taken the leap.

Wouldn't it be time to stop the legal proceedings for the sick? Let us hope that this last question can find an attentive ear on the part of decision-makers because this will undoubtedly allow patients to wait more calmly for the opening of this experiment.

Written by an impatient patient

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