The former Soviet Republic of Georgia legalizes cannabis

Georgia, country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, legalizes recreational cannabis use

In response to a complaint filed by political activists and cannabis advocates, the Georgian Constitutional Court declares that “the use of marijuana is an action protected by the right to free development”. Georgia joins Canada and Uruguay, citizens are now free to own and use cannabis.

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Georgia legalizes cannabis

According to Zurab Japaridz, the leader of Girchi, this decision makes Georgia “ the first country in space post-Soviet To legalize the consumption of cannabis.

"It wasn't a fight for cannabis, it was a fight for freedom," Japaridze said on OC Media.

For the Georgian Constitutional Court, the use of cannabis remains a personal decision that does not endanger others. But, Georgia clarifies that there are situations in which the consumption of cannabis would affect those who are in the vicinity of the user.

"The court will justify civil liability when marijuana is consumed in schools, public places, such as public transport, and in the presence of children," according to the court.

In addition, this decision eliminates fines for cannabis consumption. But it will not legalize cultivation or sale in this county of 4 million people. Note that a bill that would decriminalize the possession of all drugs is currently being debated in parliament.

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recreational consumption, legalization, Georgia
"Decriminalization is inevitable" (Luka Pertaia / Netgazeti)

Georgia joins Canada and Uruguay

Georgia lies on the shores of the Black Sea in the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition, this tiny country politically joins Canada and Uruguay in legalizing recreational cannabis. After the court ruling, Japaridze recognized the activists who made legalization possible.

“I would like to congratulate everyone on the decision taken by the Constitutional Court,” Mr. Japaridze said. “Thanks to this decision, Georgia has become a freer country. Administrative sanctions for the use of marijuana were revoked by the Constitutional Court. Which means that the use of marijuana in Georgia is now legal. " 

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