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Seth Rogen Tackles Cannabis Stigma, Explains Why Weed Should Be As Accepted As Beer

Seth Rogen is always good when it comes to cannabis. On October 22, he told the Canadian press. I smoke weed all day and every day for 20 years. For me, it's like glasses or shoes. It's something I need to navigate my life. People have tried to shame me about this over time or have tried to make me look weak or stupid for it.'have integrated in my life. Today, I'm almost 40, married, have a good job, and just found out that none of the stigmas I was told were true.

Rogen is a Vancouver native who, along with his writing and film production partner Evan Goldberg, is a co-owner of the Canadian cannabis brand. Houseplant, in partnership with Canopy Growth. Their product line includes flowers, pre-rolls, softgels, and grapefruit and lemon drinks. They are available in most Canadian provinces.

When actor Seth Rogen was growing up and smoking cannabis in Vancouver, he remembers that there was a constant cloud of shame surrounding the substance and it's stigma still lingers ...

Yet despite the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada two years ago, the stigma remains. The country has yet to do all it can to reverse them, he said.

Mr Rogen determined to change this, is pushing for the erasure of criminal records for cannabis crimes. Together with his childhood friend, he introduced cannabis products to the world, so that the consumption of weed was as accepted as alcohol.

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New flavored drink infused with cannabis and lemon

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The duo have just added a lemon and cannabis flavored drink to their Houseplant line of products made in partnership with Canopy Growth Corp. Their first drink, released in May, was a grapefruit-based sparkling water containing 2,5 mg of sativa-dominant tetrahydrocannabinol, which has a stimulating effect on drinkers.

This time, they chose lemon because consumers said they wanted to try Houseplant products, but they weren't fans of grapefruit. (The grapefruit drink was consistently top of the best seller lists in Ontario). That's why the slogan I came up with for the lemon drink was "for people who don't like grapefruit," Mr. Rogen joked.

Houseplant drinks are joining a growing number of drinks on the shelves of cannabis stores. Not to mention the support of such important brands as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Molson Canada and Tilray Inc. These drinks have made their debut since the beginning of the year, when edibles made from cannabis were authorized for sale in the market. country. As a result a wave of chocolates, teas and chewing gum are available to consumers.

Goldberg doesn't like Houseplant drinks to fall into the same category as these other products, as the brand strives to be sugar-free and create items that won't give you a bad trip.

It will also take time for Canada to tackle the illegal market

Houseplant would only enter other categories of edible products if it could produce a healthier product than its competitorssaid Goldberg, a process which he admits "will take a long time."

He and Rogen said it will also take time for Canada to tackle the illegal market. Illegal sellers are still thriving, and legal cannabis prices at the Ontario Cannabis Store have only gained ground in the fight against the black market.

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Mr. Rogen believes that the measures taken by the Canadian government to fight against the illegal market "are not very useful if their real objective is to destroy the black market", because they have made the use of the legal channel expensive and not genuine. .

“There is a reason we no longer buy alcohol illegally. It's because no one is pressured to sell illegally and because they made selling alcohol very easy, ”said Mr. Rogen. The beer industry has been able to flourish in ways that the cannabis industry does not yet have and as long as it does, the black market will continue to thrive.

He and Goldberg would like to see alcohol and cannabis products one day treated the same. For now, they'll be celebrating a few small wins like Goldberg's mom who bought a Houseplant drink last week and adored it.

"Coming from the person yelling at me for coming home high late at night." It was a real milestone for me, ”said Goldberg who worked with Rogen. on films like "Knocked Up", "This is the End" and an upcoming reboot of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Replace beer with weed

He would love to see people replace their carts full of “beer bottles” with a range of cannabis products, but he knows that probably won't happen en masse anytime soon. In the meantime, Rogen is waiting for the day when Houseplant products are as easy to obtain as beer.

“It would be nice if they served her in bars. It would also be good if the bars were open to cannabis… ”.

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