The first legal hashish in the world at 60% CBD

the world's first legal 60 cbd hash

KannaSwiss creates the world's first legal hash, 60% CBD hash made in Switzerland

The KannaSwiss company created the world's first legal hash. This Swiss-made CBD hash contains only trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis), but it contains a lot of cannabinol, aka CBD. As a reminder, CBD is the non-psychoactive principle of cannabis. This hemp-specific cannabinoid is poised to become the drug of the future, and it's legal.

The 60% Swiss CBD hash

KannaSwiss GmbH is the first company specializing in CBD in Switzerland. The company assumes that you start with the best product in terms of quality. This is why she personally takes care of every step from seed to goodwill. The principle is already known, it is a 100% natural extraction from cannabis buds.

The first legal hashish in the world at 60% CBD
KannaSwiss CBD hash comes in an array of different flavor profiles derived from original cannabis strains. (PRNewsfoto / KannaSwiss)

But compared to the competitors, this is a real Hash that can go up to 60% in CBD… Which is the very principle of Hash, to obtain a high score, but this time in CBD.

We only produce CBD products of the highest quality.

Demand for new CBD products is booming and KannaSwiss is positioning itself to anticipate market demand.

"Anticipation is synonymous with power, reaction is synonymous with pain," Boris Blatnik, Sales Director of KannaSwiss, always likes to say.

This new CBD-based hash from KannaSwiss has been in the works for 5 months. Obtaining the right texture and the right flavor profiles was a challenge.

“I have been working in this industry for over 20 years, and I must say that I am speechless,” says Ivan Enderli, co-founder of KannaSwiss. “Its flavor and general appearance are irresistible. It totally changes the game. I am proud of this CBD hashish. In fact, I think he's amazing. "

The determination of KannaSwiss is evident when one tries the product. This CBD Hash is typically medical, it helps relieve certain anxiety, insomnia or loss of appetite problems. It can be consumed by vaporizing or mixed with tobacco. Note that the company also offers on request a higher CBD content in its hashish of 10%, 20%, 30% and up to 60%...

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What flavors?

The first legal hashish in the world at 60% CBD

KannaSwiss uses organic hemp with terpenes derived from original cannabis strains ...

Red Congo : Red Congo belongs to the Sativa family, spicy and earthy flavor.
Dutch Treat : taste of kief, and peppery.
Blueberry : sweet like freshly picked blueberries ...
Jack Herer : spicy with notes of Sativa pine.
Girl Scout Cookies : sweet, earthy aroma.

The nominative flavors are there, but it is typically a hemp production. What is more, the highest quality of controlled organic cultivation in Switzerland. This hash is free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides or hormones. The product is 100% natural and does not contain tobacco or nicotine. In particular, it is registered with the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) and notified.

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