The first legal culture in Victoria

The first legal cannabis cultivation in the state of Victoria, Australia

Victoria, is the first state in Australia to legalize medical cannabis. It is also the first Australian government to obtain a license under the federal government's licensing regime. A year and a half ago, the government of the state of Victoria announced, with much fanfare, that it would cultivate a crop of medicinal cannabis. Prime Minister Daniel Andrews called it "his proudest day in politics". Today Andrews and the government of Victoria are reaping the rewards ^^

Victoria Australia

The Prime Minister's culture

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The young shoots of the Prime Minister ... in May 1

Last year Prime Minister Daniel Andrews published exclusive photos of its young plants on social networks. And with the pride of a new father! This follows to a shattering statement from the government in 2015, in favor of a state culture. Today Victoria had the honor of collecting this first crop in February.

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Daniel Andrews
The happy dad, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews

The Department of Health describes this "procedure" as one of the essential steps in the development of medical cannabis in Victoria. Thus, the validation of a product for the treatment of the first cohort of patients: children suffering from severe epilepsy.

The future of Victoria

Locally manufactured medical cannabis is expected to be made available to patients no later than this year. Patients with pediatric epilepsy being the first in line for therapeutic use of the plant. So far, a group of 29 children with seizure disorders are involved in a trial. This one will provide noticed how the oil of cannabidiol (CBD) affects these children. CBD oil is imported from the Canadian society Tilray. In addition, the cost of the transaction was declared at $ 1 million. This stock is intended to provide one year of medication to 29 patients.

Australia encourages imports

The Victorian government continued its own cultivation program despite the new federal allocation for imports. The health spokesperson said that a local cannabis sector provides the state with more than just access to forensics:

“The Victorian Medicinal Cannabis Framework is not just about making medicinal cannabis legal for eligible patients,” he said. “It's also about medicinal cannabis products producing consistent quality and encouraging opportunities for innovation, growth and employment in Victoria. He added: "The Victorian government is leading the way in developing and manufacturing medicinal cannabis products for use in the Victorian access system, pending the development of industrial manufacturing in Victoria."

Australia, epilepsy, import, Daniel Andrews, Victoria
Growing in 2016

The government says it is on track to deliver the first batch by the middle of the year. But the government is not clear on the reality of this delay ... Nonetheless, the government is sending a positive message to the nascent cannabis industry. And its import decision will provide dozens of families responsible for a child with severe epilepsy.

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