First clinical trials of CBD in New Zealand

First clinical trials of CBD in New Zealand

Medical trials of CBD for adult epilepsy begin in New Zealand

New Zealand has started stage 2 clinical trials for a CBD gel to see if this drug actually helps stop or reduce epilepsy in adult patients. This is a step forward for marijuana in New Zealand, even if it remains banned - and even though activists across the country say a lot of work remains to be done for patients to gain access to medical cannabis.


The “ZYN002” CBD gel

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the clinical trial of the drug CBD for the treatment of epilepsy. More specifically, the participants in the clinical study are adult patients with seizure status. This company is testing its synthetic transdermal cannabidiol in gel form, ZYN002. Patients are given 195 mg of CBD (4.2% gel) every 12 hours. After two weeks an effective reduction in the dose to 97,5 mg of CBD and still every 12 hours. The clinical trial is being conducted with 14 sites in Australia and New Zealand. The following in the previously conducted Stage 1 clinical trial.

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ZYN002 is a synthetic CBD formulated as an improved gel for transdermal delivery.

ZYN002 will also be tested to treat osteoarthritis in the knees. But also against Fragile X Syndrome (FXS), which is a rare genetic disorder associated with mild to severe intellectual deficit which can be associated with behavioral disorders and characteristic physical signs.

ZYN001 is a prodrug (also called prodrug), a pharmacological substance that is administered in an inactive form

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals also has a THC patch, ZYN001, which is still in the preclinical phase. Once in the clinical trial phase, it would be used in patients with fibromyalgia. But also the trial will concern peripheral neuropathic pain, those caused by damage to a nerve located outside the spinal cord.

Abe Gray

Fortunately for patients and healthcare professionals, stage 1 and stage 2 clinical trials have been reviewed and approved according to the process of the Human Research Ethics Board in Australia and New Zealand: the New Zealand Medical Devices and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

Abe Gray

Cannabis is unofficially recognized as a medicine. These medical trials offer the hope of legalization to all those New Zealanders, who have already used cannabis (or its derivatives) legally abroad or illegally in New Zealand ... However, New Zealand activist Abe Gray, and host of the radio program "Overgrown", says “Government approval for this study is not enough. "

"Any movement to increase access to medical cannabis products especially for suffering patients should be applauded, the absolute freezing pace with which the New Zealand facility is moving is unacceptable to many New Zealand patients in real need. »Says Abe Gray

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Indeed there remains a serious imbalance between the availability of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes abroad and in New Zealand. Abe Gray and New Zealanders, hope this first approval will signal an official change in the government's approach, to making cannabis medical, more "In line with international best practices".

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