Filter end-of-growth smells

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Guide to preparing an “eco” carbon filter

Growing indoors requires great discretion. Odors are the first factor in locating your plantation. The carbon filter thus eliminates all odors coming out of the cupboard, but its price in the store will cost you an arm and a leg. Here we offer you a homemade model, at the lowest cost, simple and effective.

Charcoal filtering

The problem with cannabis, especially in indoor (indoor) plantations, is the smell emanating from the plants at the last stage of growth; this can cause discomfort in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, especially in your neighborhood…. The smell of the end of growth, even if very pleasant, can reach the bad nostrils ...


The carbon filter is probably the most effective tool for filtering odors. It has been around since time immemorial, its use is ancient, traces can be found in the culture of Egypt in the properties to purify water. Nowadays it is still used for the same purpose, in kitchen hoods (for odors), in water purification and in culture chambers ...

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Preparation guide

We specify that this carbon filter is based on an extractor, and that it must be installed in the room dedicated to planting. This device emits a strong suction, the air passes through the carbon grains and comes out directly purified.

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Principle of the carbon filter

The professional filters currently available on the market will always do a better job for a "pro" culture, and the price will be substantial ... This one is suitable for cultures on a small scale of growth, for a lower cost ...

To self provide :

  • - Wire mesh / plastic or elastic (per square meter in building material stores)
  • suction fan 10cm (extractor) (Hydro store hydro or house maintenance)
  • Raw Activated Coal (Amazon, specialized materials store)
  • Carbon sponges (equipment & pet stores)
  • Stockings or tights ...

Preparatory stage:

  1. Surround (cover) your extractor with the plastic mesh; and fix the
  2. Cut your carbon sponge to the same size as the plastic mesh
  3. Insert / slide your sponge between the screen and the extractor
  4. Insert the raw charcoal into your stockings or pantyhose
  5. All that remains to be done is to insert the charcoal extractor, in the desired space.
Filter end-of-growth smells

The principle is simple, the ambient air passes through the carbon filter; the odor molecules are trapped in the filter and fresh air comes out without any trace of the sweet smell of cannabis. This eco model is simple to make, but it clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of such a practice is similar to most carbon filters on the market. You can always add design materials to make it sumptuous, because such an object can only help you.

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