Fibromyalgia, "the invisible disease"

Fibromyalgia, "the invisible disease"

Exploit of the self-medication of marijuana in case of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome of diffuse chronic pain including depression and other very debilitating symptoms. It is also called the “invisible disease”, without specificity… More and more patients (and informed doctors) choose to cure this condition with medical marijuana. Why can medical marijuana help treat fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia, dopamine in panic ...


Fibromyalgia is an unknown but very disabling disorder, a condition in which generalized chronic pain is expressed, the etiopathogenesis (causes) of which remains unknown. "Invisible disease" is more often diagnosed in women with post-traumatic stress disorder. Much research, trial and error has diagnosed patients as hypochondriac, that everything resides in the patient's head ... However, in recent years, doctors and patients have been claiming that fibromyalgia is indeed a real, complex condition which more East.


Fibromyalgia is characterized by persistent pain that varies in intensity day-to-day, fibromyalgia patients experience a large number of symptoms such as morning stiffness and muscle cramps, cognitive dysfunction, depression, anxiety, colon irritable, nausea, migraines, constant sleep to name a few ...

Main points of chronic pain

The cause of fibromyalgia is not known. People who have experienced it have pain in response to stimuli that are normally perceived to be painful. Researchers have found high levels of a chemical signal from a nerve called substance P and the growth factor fluid in the spine of patients with fibromyalgia. The levels of the brain chemical of serotonin are also relatively low in patients with fibromyalgia. Studies of pain with fibromyalgia have suggested that the central nervous system (the brain) may be super sensitive. The onset of fibromyalgia has been associated with psychological distress, trauma, and infection.

It is thought that the Fibromyalgia is a neuropathic disorder, an alteration of the nervous system. Currently, there is no proven cure for this very troublesome disorder. Finally, except according to the testimonies, cannabis !!

Theories of dysfunction

At present, there are no clinical studies to correctly diagnose the disease. Healing relies solely on the clinical manifestations described by patients. The main theory lies in a disruption of neurotransmitters, mainly dopamine and serotonin ...

A healthy brain, compared to the brain of a patient with fibromyalgia

Another established theory is that the symptoms are due to an alteration of the immune system. In any case, the endocannabinoid system is involved in all these functions, the physiological response to stress, whether dopaminergic or serotoninergic.

Serotonin and Dopamine in Fibromyalgia Disease

The immune system has a very large number of CB2 receptors, which makes it responsive to Cannabinoids. Researcher Ethan Russo proposed the explanation that the common cause of these fibromyalgia disorders is based on a disruption of the endogenous Cannabinoid system, the idea seems more than plausible in view of the multiple testimonials of patients relieving themselves of the disease, using multiple strains of cannabis and varied ...

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Self-Medication Study

So some patients are self-medicating with cannabis and other traditional therapies, says Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, professor of medicine at McGill University and rheumatologist consultant at the Montreal General Hospital Health Center. McGill University in Montreal.

"Fibromyalgia" Copyright

Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles conducted an experiment with 302 patients with fibromyalgia, including 155 patients with other chronic pain. In order to examine the use of marijuana, the research team used nabilone and dronabinol (synthetic cannabinoids).

Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, right

13% of patients in 457 patients used these Cannabinoids and 80% used marijuana; the rest used prescription Cannabinoids, the findings of the study were published on June 21 in the journal Arthtitis Car & Reserach. 72% said they did not need than a gram of marijuana or less a day to relieve, reduce the pain !! A miracle of economy knowing that a gram of marijuana varies between 7 and 15 dollar gram ...

Patient testimonial

There are many women who suffer from fibromyalgia, errors in diagnosis are common, patients turn to self-medication marijuana as evidenced by the case of Erica (under x)

The most common pain, stiff neck ...

“I have been using cannabis to treat pain for years, long before I knew I had fibromyalgia. I'm glad I found the plant early in life. "


Erica went on to explain that “the doctors did all the tests possible and, until they concluded that she was crazy, a“ pill addict ”… Paradoxically, she was prescribed antidepressants. Which didn't help his case. Indeed these drugs create underlying problems such as severe insomnia, anxiety, pain and to conclude new food allergies ...

Violent migraines and abdominal pain, irritation of the colon are symptoms of fibromyalgia

“Before I heard the word 'fibromyalgia' and, after hearing the symptoms, I knew exactly what was going on inside me. I went to several doctors and the x-rays showed mild arthritis… But I also had other symptoms like food allergies. Gluten, dairy products, now Solanaceae… ”

Oregon Legalized Cannabis

Erica is a resident of Oregon, before cannabis was legal she made sure to find it. It took years, improving her learning of the different CBD strains to finally legalize what in medicine is called her "self-medication" ... Today she is treated with legal strains during the day, to help her against the anxiety and pain. And in the evening to combat insomnia from Indiça strains.

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Recommended strains

Many people with fibromyalgia have problems sleeping, including problems after falling asleep or waking up frequently during the night. Studies suggest that some patients stay in shallow sleep and never get deep sleep. This robs the body of a chance to repair and replenish itself, creating a vicious cycle. Indica strains are therefore recommended; Here are some useful (and recognized) strains for fibromyalgia:

black Jack

This cross between Jack Horror and Black Domina is an excellent sativa dominant strain, ideal for depression and nausea. THC 16.64% CBC 0,07% CBD 0.24% CBG 1.69% CBN 0,19%


Chem 4

This Chemdog phenotype is an indica dominant strain, perfect for severe pain. THC 18.97% CBC 0,0% CBD 0.27% CBG 0% CBN 0,61%


Silver Pearl

Northern Lights # 5 x Skunk x Early Pearl. This sativa is ideal for migraines and productivity while being highly medicinal. THC 22.18% CBC 0,08% CBD 0.30% CBG 0% CBN 0,94%


Grape Ape

Pure strain Indica. Odor grape and taste with a hint of skunk. Ideal for relieving stress, anxiety and chronic pain. THC 16.64% CBC 0,07% CBD 0.24% CBG 1.69% CBN 0,19%


Ak Berry

Sweet taste, crossing of AK-47 and Blueberry. This hybrid has sativa hallmark of AK with pain relief, Blueberry quality. THC 15.69% CBC 0,02% CBD 0.36% CBG 0% CBN 0,54%


Blue Dream

The name says it all, this hybrid is great for pain relief and for relaxing during the day. . THC 18.46% CBC 0,04% CBD 0.31% CBG 0% CBN 0,28%

blue dream


This Trainwreck and White Widow cross is the best hybrid for stress and anxiety. THC 18.46% CBC 0,04% CBD 0.31% CBG 0% CBN 0,28%


Medical cannabis

Because many traditional pharmacological options are often ineffective and lead to an unbearable amount of side effects, it is important to consider alternative treatment options such as cannabis. See this article by GrowWise Health to learn more about the specific ways that medical cannabis can help manage pain associated with fibromyalgia.


Cannabis treats pain and in the long term it could be the ideal medicine for fibromyalgia; however, as soon as the pain stops, it is advisable to avoid damp and cold places, medicinal and chemical alterations (drugs), and to resume physical activity as soon as possible and finally ... to sleep well (restful sleep), as well you will avoid the "stress" factors that trigger fibromyalgia ...

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