Facebook plans to make changes to its anti-cannabis policy

After fighting the legal industry for almost a year, Facebook is considering relaxing its policy on cannabis.

In a recent internal Facebook presentation, the world's largest social networking platform said it was beginning to reconsider how it treats companies operating in the cannabis industry. Currently, these companies, including those operating in a regulated market, are not allowed to market or sell their products on Facebook.

Although the social network has already claimed that it was to ensure that it does not facilitate the sale of narcotics in places where the drug is still illegal, things could change.

"Our current policies do not allow the sale of marijuana on the platform, according to Facebook's presentation, as reported the Telegraph. "We want to see if we can relax this restriction, especially with regard to medical marijuana, legal and stores."

Facebook would have set up a working group to examine how to enforce the different rules on cannabis according to states and legislation. The group has not yet formulated formal plans or recommendations to change policies.

"Since marijuana faces different legal and social restrictions around the world, this can be an operational challenge for us," said one employee during the presentation. "We could be facing regional repression in areas of the world where the law or society sees the plant as an evil eye."

If Facebook softens its policy, the change would still be limited in scope. Companies would be allowed to post product messages and provide customers with purchasing information, but they would still not be able to place ads for cannabis products. Facebook will also consider placing an age limit on all related content, similar to what you might find on a website.

So, who knows, maybe one day Facebook will not be so bad after all ...

Source: Civilized

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