Cannabis extracts by the University of Sciences in Prague

CBD Oil - 2,75% - 10ml

Professional extraction in Europe, by the University of Sciences in Prague

The information comes from the Faculty of Agrobiology for Agricultural Education and Research in Prague. It officially happens in Europe !! Cannabis extraction concentrates are at the heart of research today, here is a very convincing example in this video on one of the extractions finalized by a European laboratory:

BDC is pleased to share the images of ongoing academic research on the future of cannabis. And precisely on Dexso solvent pharmaceutical extractions. And according to the protocols and methodologies of the BDC LAB using the AKS 4 extractor models. The teams of Zenprod, the distributor and specialist in Dexso products and the BDC. So here in action are the Dexso and Zenprod teams with representatives and professors from the Faculty of Science in Prague. They are in the process of performing a medical grade “DHO” extraction.

From these experiences and research came results tested by leading specialists in our sector. In particular the teams of the professor Mechoulam demonstrating that the extractions carried out with the DME Dexso solvent are the most effective. As well as the AKS BDC series extractors which represent the future of the production of cannabis-based pharmaceutical concentrates.

Extraction Techniques and Materials: Bdc.lab tool
Production : Dexso GmbH et Zen Product

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