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DHO oil, the new star of the cannabis world

Hemp oil extracted from Cannabis flowers using gas, dimethyl ether or the abbreviation DHO is one of the most popular new cannabis extracts in the world. This extraction is considered to be the richest in terpenes and cannabinoids. In comparison to classic BHO oil, it is therefore better suited to treat patients. In 2016, the growing demand in the United States for this new type of extract only increased. Until recently this oil was the end product for connoisseurs, and cannabis experts. Now DHO oil becomes the most interesting acquisition among all the marijuana extracts ...



Like its BHO counterpart, DHO is also a product extracted from cannabis flowers. The difference between these two extracts lies in the type of gas used in the preparation process. While BHO is produced using butane, DHO is generated from a gas called dimethyl ether, which itself is more commonly known by the acronym DME.

Buds must be freshly harvested

DME gas

Dimethyl ether is a very volatile gas, similar in structure to the chemical properties of butane gas. DME is mainly used in food (cooling), in medicine (inhalers) and in research in general. As well as in other industries which seek to exploit their unique properties as an alternative fuel for power generation.

Cannabis extraction with dimethyl ether

In addition, many use it in the production industry. This is because DME is used as a material for the production of plant extracts and other aromatherapy mixtures. Because this gas takes full advantage of the active ingredients of cannabis flowers.

DME organic extraction

Organic extraction is produced on the basis of the covalent bonds of carbon atoms. This helps to maintain the build-up of other materials, like the cannabinoids and its quiterpenes from marijuana flowers.

DHO liquid after distillation

During the DME gas extraction process, the plant material dissolves and converges into a greenish-brown liquid solution. Then after refining (by heat), a high concentration of the active ingredient condenses to a new material ...

Refining DHO with heating

According to statements from companies producing DHO, the resulting end product tastes richer, and has a more powerful impact on the consumer ...

Differences between DHO and BHO

Regarding the differences between BHO and DHO, the first question, especially among budding growers would be which gas is more dangerous ... Obviously, using ether instead of butane is much more beneficial in terms of of security. The result is a higher yield during extraction, but also the retention of rare materials, sesquiterpenes.

DHO solid after distillation

The sesquiterpenes

Terpenoids are a class of naturally occurring compounds that are made up of units of isoprene, which is a 5 carbon unit. Terpenes are further classified according to the number of carbon atoms (or the number of isoprene units) in their chemical structures. Compounds thus with 5 carbon atoms such as isoprene are known as hemiterpenes, (10 carbon atoms or 2 isoprene units) are called monoterpenes. And those that have 15 carbon atoms (or 3 isoprene units) are called sesquiterpenes ...

Sesquiterpenes have very wide applications but are unfortunately rare, so they are valuable

The ideal solvent

DHO extraction therefore preserves the integrity of the active ingredients - both cannabinoids and the sesquiterpenes responsible for smell and taste. The index is much higher during DME gas extraction due to the mass of the atom with lower polarity. DME gas is an ideal solvent which does not harm most of the existing plant materials. According to the index which determines the quality of the solvent, the molecular properties of this gas is considered to have higher peak capacity than any other gas used to extract plants. This result can be seen especially by the rich color of the mixture, as seen in the comparison made at the end of this video:

The level of security

Aside from the difference in quality of the final product, there is a major downside to using DME… It is very responsive and able to fully digest your plastic, so you shouldn't use containers that are not manufactured. glass or rigid industrial material. However, there are two other advantages inherent in using DME gas.

Small butane explosion (BHO) ...

Its low levels of volatility and strong distinctive odor, which together make a gas much safer to use than explosive butane… However, extraction is a professional matter, even in the case of DHO.

Advertising of a DHO product based on Lemon Kush (DHO medicinal), surely very rich in sesquiterpenes ...

Last but not least, DME gas can be produced from biological waste such as consumables. Unlike other gases, it does not derive its resources from the earth!! Remember that extraction is a specialist business.

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