Elon Musk believes people should be open to the use of psychedelics

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Elon Musk Says People Should Be 'Open To Psychedelics', Predicts Next Generation Of Politicians Will Normalize These Substances

Elon Musk may have his eyes on Mars, but he believes people should be open to internal exploration of psychedelics as well.

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The founder of SpaceX also predicted that as younger generations assume positions of power in government, society will increasingly recognize the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Mr Musk was asked about the matter during a panel discussion at CodeCon on Tuesday. Citing the entrepreneur's past comments on DMT, Field Trip co-founder Ronan Levy asked "what role you think psychedelics can have in responding to some of humanity's most destructive tendencies."

“I think generally people should be open to psychedelics,” Musk replied. “A lot of the people making the laws are sort of from another era, so I think as the new generation comes into political power, I think we'll see a greater receptivity to the benefits of psychedelics. "

While Musk encourages openness to psychedelics, he said earlier this year during an appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast that he believes cannabis's CBD is overrated and "doesn't do anything."

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This exchange began with a reflection from Musk and Rogan on a previous podcast show in 2018, where the CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla took a puff on a marijuana blunt (which he then claimed to have never actually inhaled). , which sparked a NASA investigation into his aerospace company's “workplace safety” and “adherence to a drug-free environment”. "

Musk may not be a fan of CBD, but he does enjoy growing cannabis every now and then.

Thanks @elonmusk for talking about #psychedelics with me yesterday. Always happy to speak for further reflection.

When Telsa's stock hit $ 420, for example, he responded on Twitter with crying and laughing emojis and said “Whoa… the stock is so high lol”.

Of course, the 420 is well known to cannabis lovers, as it represents the unofficial cannabis festival, the 4/20. And this isn't the first time Musk has played it.

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The billionaire tech entrepreneur landed in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018 after he said he was considering privatizing Tesla at a share price of $ 420 - an announcement the SEC called "bogus." and misleading ”and which was made without required notification to regulators.

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