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Trend of cannabis liquid E for electronic cigarette

Cannabis e liquid or cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 2 major cannabinoids in the composition of hemp. It does not have the psychotropic effects of THC but acts significantly on the nervous system by improving concentration, reducing stress, and remains recognized in the medical field. Cannabis E liquids are liquids intended to be inhaled using an electronic cigarette system (also called “vapoteuse”). The trend is clearer, the cannabidiol (CBD) e liquid is declared healthy and of great bioavailability for our body.

cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

Cannabis e liquid with CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD e-liquids are intended for consumption by inhaling vapor using an electronic cigarette, also called a vapoteuse. The goal is to inhale nicotine as a substitute for cigarettes, and above all to limit the toxic effects of combustion, and even for some people to reduce the overall consumption of nicotine.

cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

They are generally composed of a mixture of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, flavors and, where appropriate, nicotine. In short, we can produce a 100% natural cannabis e liquid made from non-toxic products. But this nicotine can also be replaced (or combined) with an element very present in hemp and cannabis: cannabidiol (CBD).

cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid with non-psychotropic properties, meaning it doesn't leave you stoned. However, it has many healing properties to treat convulsions, nausea, anxiety and many more. In the case of e-liquid, low doses bring a benefit to concentration and relaxation. In addition according to new studies Cannabidiol (CBD) helps effectively in the fight against smoking.

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cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

Note, however, that the CBD e-liquid requires a suitable e-cigarette that heats the liquid to the correct temperature to allow the CBD to be properly vaporized. So an 20-30 W e-cig that heats up to 180 ° C is often very good.

Flavored CBD liquids

The latter come from a conservative extraction of all the taste molecules of hemp, the taste is preserved plus the expired vapor remains odorless. The big advantage of cannabinoids is that they don't smell or taste. These are other molecules that are responsible, better known under the name of terpenes.

cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

In this case, natural or non-natural flavors are added to their composition. In general, there are flavors of mango, sweet strawberry, raspberry, etc. Of course these perfumes are examples of marketed flavors, just like in the food industry ... Artificial flavors theoretically allow to obtain the most original tastes. But the most interesting e liquid would be the one that saves the terpenes of certain strains of cannabis such as ß-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, ß-Ocimene, and the classic Limonene (lemon).

The cannabis liquid with THC

These e-liquids are manufactured in the same way as e liquid CBD, they are however not legal everywhere by not usable for its medical virtues. THC e-liquids are much less controlled since they contain THC, a psychotropic substance prohibited for its recreational use. Most of the products marketed are made from synthetic THC with molecules like JWH-018 or other strange molecules ...

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cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

Be aware that the effects of these synthetic cannabinoids are recognized as dangerous. They act on the same receptors as natural THC, but in a more “uncontrollable” way… There are many bad feedbacks and sometimes frightening. At best, do your own e liquid.

Bioavailability of the CBD liquid

The first scientific study on vaping CBD (" Protocol for the administration of Cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD combined with 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by vaping Was written by researchers at Wollongong University in Australia in October 2014. This research mentions that intrapulmonary administration of cannabinoids is considered an effective mode of absorption. Because it is accompanied by rapid action and high systemic bioavailability. Cannabinoid vapotage is a safe intrapulmonary administration as it does not involve the risks associated with combustion. In addition, the study concludes that eating CBD is not effective, injecting it is dangerous, smoking is also dangerous and ineffective, vaping is the best option.

cannabidiol, CBD, bioavailability, e liquid

Vaping CBD remains a growing trend. Thus, the “clean” side for health and gentle in effect ensures moderate and serene consumption of a molecule already present in our nerve receptors. The market is still being built, but some cultivation experts are starting to extract the best extracts possible to ensure a high quality of the end product. Above all, do not consume synthetic molecules and opt as much as possible for a natural and organic guarantee of the raw material.

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