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Dutch furniture maker launches CO2-negative hemp chair

Europe's largest independent producer and processor of industrial hemp has teamed up with a Dutch bioplastics developer and a Dutch furniture maker to make a recyclable hemp chair. With its hemp fiber shell, its production reduces the carbon footprint and therefore limits the impact to a negative carbon footprint.

Dutch company HempFlax was chosen by furniture maker VepaDrentea to supply the raw material for its range of hemp chairs, the company said in a statement. communicated. The biomaterial for the hard shell of the chair, made of hemp fibers treated with a vegetable resin that bonds the materials together, was developed by Plantics, a Dutch bio-plastic company.

Infinitely reusable chair

The "Hemp Fine" chairs made from hemp fibers, are bonded to a biodegradable and recyclable thermosetting resin. This patent developed by the Plantics company, contains among its components sugar beet extract.

We have been looking for years for a biomaterial in which the raw material and the glue are both organic and recyclable. Said Janwillem de Kam, Managing Director of VepaDrentea. "We are incredibly proud to have achieved this after two years of research and to be the first in the world to do so."

Because of the ability of hemp to reduce CO2, the production process of hemp chairs absorbs more CO2 than it emits. As a result, this makes the range of chairs carbon negative.

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On the other hand, Mr De Kam declared that the new range of chairs was "an innovation which contributes in a very particular way to our mission of combating the shortage of raw materials, climate change and CO2 emissions".

The "Hemp" collection by VepaDrentea includes chairs and bar stools with different frames in PEFC certified wood or recyclable steel. Combining hemp fibers with an organic glue made only from natural materials effectively replaces polluting synthetic materials and has the potential to revolutionize many industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint, ”said Mark Reinders, CEO by HempFlax.

“While the fav policiesHemp orables are gaining ground within the EU and the United Nations. I am very confident in the place of the carbon-negative hemp industry at the heart of the planet's thriving circular bioeconomy, ”he added.

Recyclable material

Therefore, the residual fiber waste from the processing of hemp is used as a raw material. First to make the seat shell of the chair. Second, the fibers made into a thick mat are combined with the resin and pressed into shape. Finally, the resulting shell is finished with linseed oil. In addition, the other components used in the chairs are in particular PEFC * certified wood or recyclable steel.

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Once the chairs perform their function, the shells can be shredded. So much so that the material used to make new chairs can be reused over and over again. All this without the need for new materials or chemicals.

The creation of these chairs is another example of the many uses of industrial hemp.

HempFlax, which claims to be the largest independent producer and processor of industrial hemp in Europe, has more than 2400 hectares of hemp that are expected to be harvested this year. The company has six lines of business: nutraceuticals (CBD), bioplastics, construction, animal care, horticulture, genetics and cultivation.

Sustainable solutions by VepaDrentea - Hemp

In May of this year, HempFlax established a building supplies division after acquiring German company Thermo Natur GmbH & Co. KG, which produces hemp-based insulation.

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