Driving under the influence of American teenagers

One in three American teenagers believe that driving under the influence of marijuana, seeing being totally stone at the wheel, is legal

A total of 33% of teens believe that if you are in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, it is legal to drive under the influence. That's according to a new survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). An American result with mixed data, which raises some questions ...

American driving under the influence teenagers

A mixed message

Last spring, 2 teenagers were asked about their knowledge of cannabis while driving. 800% of teens said they believe driving under the influence is dangerous. One funny thing about this survey is how misleading it is. A report published by Liberty Mutual Insurance is titled: "One-third of teens think driving under the influence of marijuana is legal».

American driving under the influence teenagers
Adults affected by almost the same figures ...

But, interestingly, the report shows that adults' beliefs about cannabis and driving are not that different from their children. A survey of 1 parents found that 000% of respondents believe driving under the influence is legal. And that 27% of them think it's dangerous. Liberty Mutual concludes that “Teens are getting mixed messages about the dangers of using marijuana and driving. This could endanger them, as well as other people ”

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Cannabic drunkenness?

Part of this “mixed message” problem is that cannabis laws are changing right now. And that's pretty much year over year in the United States… Also, most state drug limit laws are vague, if not very vague… Sometimes to the point of losing their meaning. Because there is still no standard way to test for cannabis intoxication while driving, as is the case with alcohol.

American driving under the influence teenagers
In California, at the discretion of the agent ...

In Alaska, California and Oregon, the legal limit is at the discretion of officers, according to a Instamotor report. But in Colorado, the legal THC limit for drivers is 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. So if you think you are at 4 nanograms, just take a little time before getting behind the wheel ...

American driving under the influence teenagers
The complete set of screening, saliva, urine etc ...

In Washington state, it's 5 nanograms. Or, at the officer's discretion… In Nevada, 2 nanograms of cannabis… Or discretionary power… And as you know, the THC can stay in the blood for days, weeks, months after consumption ...

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